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Rehabilitate. Repeat.

Every dog deserves care and we believe that rescue dogs need extra care for better rehabilitation. With guides on care, training, and behavior management, World of Dogz strives to simplify raising dogs irrespective of their conditions/needs.

If you're ever moved by a wag or a wet kiss, give a rescue a life! Adopt, love, repeat! Discover more about World of Dogz by visiting our FAQ's page.

Sharon with Willow


I recently took a trip to India as my heart was broken by the neglect and treatment of the country’s poor street dogs. As a dog lover, something called me, and I just had to go and see!… Read More

Indian Dog Rescue


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German Shepherd

Born from a passion for German Shepherds, this category is the heart of our site. Discover a wealth of knowledge, personal insights, and heartwarming adoption success stories, inspired by the founder’s experiences with this loyal and intelligent breed.

Buyers Guides

Navigate the vast world of dog products with our comprehensive buyers’ guides. From selecting the perfect bed to choosing durable toys, these guides cover everything to ensure your dog’s comfort and happiness.


Is Kibble Bad For Dogs? How I Decide What’s Best For My Dog

In the midst of growing discussions around dog nutrition, particularly the question, “Is kibble bad for dogs?” I’ve taken a nuanced stance by opting for a diverse diet for my furry friend. This decision stems from a deep dive into the world of canine dietary options, where I’ve weighed the

How I Treat Labrador Diarrhea: A Dog Shelter Owner’s Approach

As a dog shelter owner, I’ve seen my fair share of health issues, but one that frequently tugs at my heartstrings is Labrador Diarrhea. Labrador diarrhea is a common affliction that occurs as a symptom of gastrointestinal issues. Although it’s often mild and short-term, it can be acute or chronic,

Are Labradors Good Family Dogs? Pros & Cons

Do you want to know if Labradors are good family dogs? As someone who has spent years running a dog shelter and has had the pleasure of working closely with many breeds, I can confidently say that Labradors are among the top choices when selecting a family dog. Labradors are

How to Train an 8 Week Old Golden Retriever: Step-By-Step

Embarking on the journey of how to train your 8-week-old Golden Retriever can be one of your most fulfilling experiences, especially when the right steps and strategies guide you. As the founder of a dog rescue shelter with years of experience in nurturing and training Golden Retrievers, I’ve had the

8 Week Old Labrador Puppy: Essential Care Guide

Welcome to the enchanting journey of raising an 8-week-old Labrador puppy. As a dedicated Labrador expert and the proud founder of a dog shelter that has been a safe haven for countless Labradors, I’ve witnessed the incredible journey of these puppies. At eight weeks old, a Labrador puppy is at

Pitbull First Heat and Cycle: What to Expect

As you embark on the journey of Pitbull parenthood, a pivotal moment awaits: navigating your Pitbull’s first heat. This significant milestone in your furry friend’s life is not just a sign of her maturing physically but also marks a period where your understanding and support are essential. A Pitbull’s first

Cheap Dog Food vs. Expensive Dog Food (Pros & Cons)

When it comes to choosing between cheap and expensive dog food, you may be faced with a dilemma. Cheap dog food is typically more affordable but may contain lower-quality ingredients that could impact a dog’s health. On the other hand, expensive dog food is often marketed as being made from

Yorkie Pros and Cons

Yorkie Pros and Cons: 13 Things To Consider Before Buying

Yorkies are among the most popular dogs in the US. However, does this mean that you should get one as well? Well, if you’re interested in taking in a Yorkie, make sure to consider all Yorkshire Terrier pros and cons first. Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs known for their spunky

Walk Your Dog With Love Harness Review

As a German Shepherd owner, I quickly learned that finding the right solution for leash pulling can transform walks from stressful to delightful. That’s where the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness comes in. Renowned for its no-pull design, this harness promises to make dog walking a breeze, ensuring both

Kibble vs. Raw (Which Dog Food is Better?)

Kibble is seen as the default dog food by most dog owners. Anything dog owners eat is seen as the default dog food by dogs. But if you’re confused about what to feed your dog, you do have a few options other than kibble and dinner scraps. Raw dog food

Do Dogs Prefer Hard or Soft Beds? How To Choose The Ideal Bed

Dogs spend a lot of time sleeping, and finding the perfect bed is essential for their comfort and health. But there’s always been an ongoing debate about whether hard or soft beds are better for your furry friend. While some owners believe that a hard bed provides more support and

What Do Husky Ear Positions Mean?: 5 Examples with Pictures!

As the founder of a dog rescue shelter with extensive experience in rescuing and caring for Huskies, I’ve become quite attuned to their unique ways of communication, particularly through their ear positions. The question of “What Do Husky Ear Positions Mean?” is one I’ve explored deeply, learning to interpret the