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Labrador Puppy

Labrador Pros & Cons: 13 Things To Consider Before Buying

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Dog With Empty Bowl

Run Out Of Dog Food? 31 Safe Foods To Feed Your Dog (& Recipes)

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Five German Shepherds lying on the grass. What Are The Different Types of German Shepherds?

German Shepherd Types: 5 Breed Variations (With Pictures)

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Black German Shepherd Lied In Grass

Best Diet for German Shepherds: Nutrition, Types, and More!

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Labrador Shedding. A Labrador being brushed.

Labrador Shedding: Here’s How To Reduce Lab Shedding

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White German Shepherd. Are White German Shepherds Purebred?

White German Shepherd: Rarity, Cost, Temperament, and More!

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Is The Big Barker Sofa Bed Worth It? A GSD Yawning on a Big Barker Sofa Bed

Big Barker Sofa Bed: First Hand Review: Is It Worth It?

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How Long Can Labradors Be Left Alone? Guilt-Free Guide

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Add Water To Kibble

Adding Water To Dry Dog Food (Pros, Cons & How To Add Water)

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A German Shepherd looking like a wolf!

Why Do German Shepherds Look Like Wolves? This is Why!

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A Bulldog lying on his back exposing his belly. How to Read Bulldog Body Language

How to Read Bulldog Body Language: Understanding “Dog Talk!”

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Golden Retriever With Human Food

What Human Foods Can Golden Retrievers Eat?

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A Black and Red GSD laying next to a Sable GSD. German Shepherd Colors

21 German Shepherd Colors & Patterns (With Pictures!)

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Poodle Resting

Poodle Pros and Cons: 12 Things to Consider Before Buying

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Dog Training Class

6 Reasons Why Dog Training Classes Are Worth It

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“My one regret in life – not getting a dog sooner.”

Sharon owns a stunning German Shepherd named Willow. She is a former Police Officer who worked alongside GSDs for almost 30 years but loves all dogs. Now, she dedicates her time to empowering dog lovers with knowledge and inspiration through expert advice, informative and heartfelt content, and relatable stories.

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