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Willow and Me

“My one regret in life – not getting a dog sooner.”

Hi, I’m Sharon, and this is Willow, my German Shepherd. I’m a former Police Officer who worked alongside GSDs for almost 30 years, but I love all dogs. Here, you will find loads of helpful tips and info, whether you are looking for your first dog, an experienced owner, or just a dog lover in general. This site is the ultimate resource for all things dogs. Welcome! 

Chocolate Lab Puppies

Labrador Puppy Training Schedule: What to Teach Month by Month

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German Shepherd with her Puppies. How to find a German Shepherd Dog to Buy

Recommended German Shepherd Gear: My Favorite Picks

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Why Won’t My Golden Retriever Eat? 9 Reasons & What To Do!

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German Shepherd on Big Barker

Big Barker Orthopedic Bed: An Arthritic Owner Weighs In!

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How Long Can Labradors be Left Alone? Guilt-Free Guide

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Black German Shepherd Dog

Best Diet for German Shepherds: Nutrition, Types, and More!

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A German Shepherd looking like a wolf!

Why Do German Shepherds Look Like Wolves? This is Why!

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A Bulldog lying on his back exposing his belly. How to Read Bulldog Body Language

How to Read Bulldog Body Language: Understanding “Dog Talk!”

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Labrador in a Crate

The 8 Best Dog Crates for Labradors in 2021 (and Playpens)

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A German Shepherd lying in a field next to a Swiss Shepherd. Difference Between German Shepherd and Swiss Shepherd

German Shepherd vs. Swiss Shepherd: What’s the Difference?

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German Shepherd Puppies Playing

15 Best Chew Toys for German Shepherds in 2021

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Naughty Labrador hiding under a sheet

Are Labradors Good First Dogs? 10 Things to Know!

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