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Rehabilitate. Repeat.

Every dog deserves care and we believe that rescue dogs need extra care for better rehabilitation. With guides on care, training, and behavior management, World of Dogz strives to simplify raising dogs irrespective of their conditions/needs. If you're ever moved by a wag or a wet kiss, give a rescue a life! Adopt, love, repeat!

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German Shepherd

Born from a passion for German Shepherds, this category is the heart of our site. Discover a wealth of knowledge, personal insights, and heartwarming adoption success stories, inspired by the founder’s experiences with this loyal and intelligent breed.


Dog licking a human when mad

4 Reasons Your Dog Licks You When You Get Mad At Him

Have you ever wondered why your dog licks you when you get mad at them? It may seem like a peculiar way for them to respond, but there are several reasons that can explain this behavior. Understanding the motives behind your dog’s licking might help you to better communicate with

are chihuahuas good first dogs

9 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Make Great First-Time Pets

Chihuahuas are a popular small dog breed that has captured the hearts of many dog lovers worldwide. Owning a dog for the first time might seem challenging, but Chihuahuas make excellent first dogs, especially for people who prefer small-sized companions. In my experience fostering 3 Chihuahuas, I can definitely tell

How long can Chihuahuas be left alone

How Long Can Chihuahuas Be Left Alone? Do’s, Don’ts & Tips

Whenever my friend goes away for a couple of days, I get the chance to foster her 3 Chihuahuas. Sometimes, even a few hours of separation between her and the dogs turns worrisome. This is common with most Chihuahuas – they get finicky when left alone. Does that mean you

How Often Should You Feed a Chihuahua?

How Often Should You Feed a Chihuahua? Essential Guide

Feeding your Chihuahua might seem complicated, but it’s actually quite simple once you understand their needs. If you’re someone like me who has multiple dogs (of varied breeds), it can get daunting at times. As soon as I rescued my second dog, I decided I needed a quick understanding of

What Can Chihuahuas Not Eat?

What Can Chihuahuas Not Eat? (23 Toxic or Harmful Foods)

Feeding time for Chihuahuas is my favorite. There’s a huge difference between the eating patterns and styles of small, medium, and large-sized dogs. In my experience rescuing and raising dogs of varied breeds, I’ve found how small breeds eat cuter than the rest. However, their cuteness can lure you. You

What Can Chihuahuas Eat?

What Can Chihuahuas Eat? (Diet, Nutrition, and Feeding Tips)

Chihuahuas, as tiny and adorable as they are, need proper nutrition to thrive and maintain their health. But what exactly should you give them? If you’re already a dog owner like me, you can sort this quickly. Otherwise, it’s going to take forever to get hold of a list of

Chihuahua First Heat and Cycle

Chihuahua First Heat and Cycle: What To Expect and When

Chihuahuas are tiny but undergo phases similar to every other breed. What’s tricky about a Chihuahua is their reproduction aspect. From experiencing the first heat to producing offspring, several scenarios need your attention. So, what’s the first heat and cycle of a Chihuahua like? Your Chihuahua will likely enter her

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Eating Slowly?

9 Reasons Your Dog Is Suddenly Eating Slowly

If you have years of experience owning a dog, you know that most dogs usually eat their meals with gusto. As such, an abrupt change in your dog’s delight for food will easily trigger the question, why is my dog suddenly eating slowly? Dog anorexia, an upset stomach, fatigue, stress,

Why Is My Dog Bobbing His Head Around His Food Bowl?

5 Reasons Your Dog is Bobbing His Head Around His Food Bowl

Bobbing the head is not an uncommon behavior in dogs. If you have lived with your furry friend for years, you must have seen the pet bob his head many times.  That said, head bobbing can become worrisome if it suddenly becomes your dog’s way around food, causing you to

How To Make Dry Dog Food Wet

How To Make Dry Dog Food Wet (5 Quick & Easy Ways)

If you are among the 94% of dog owners in the US who prefer purchasing dry kibble for their dogs, you’ve probably wondered how to make dry dog food wet at some point or another. Wet dog food is more palatable and can make feeding easier for picky and convalescing

Chihuahua Breeding Age

Chihuahua Breeding Age: A Key Guide for Healthy Pups

Chihuahuas are a popular breed known for their small size and spunky personality. Owing to this breed’s cuteness, I’ve heard many Chihuahua pet parents wanting to breed them. Breeding these tiny dogs may seem like a straightforward process, but there are important factors to consider for the health of both