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About World of Dogz is an online company that teaches people all about dogs. Our mission is to empower dog owners with the knowledge and resources they need to give their furry friends the best possible life. We strive to be the go-to destination for information, inspiration, and community for all things canine, from training and nutrition to health and behavior. We believe in the power of the human-dog bond and are dedicated to promoting responsible and loving dog ownership.

“Empowering dog lovers with knowledge and inspiration through expert advice, informative and heartfelt content, and relatable stories.”

Willow and Sharon
Sharon Waddington is the founder and owner of

My Story

Hello, fellow dog lover, I’m Sharon Waddington, and I’m passionate about everything dogs. Thanks for visiting You have found the ultimate guide to everything you wanted to know about dogs or thought you knew!

A few years ago, I bought my very first dog, a beautiful female German Shepherd, and I named her Willow. I’ve dedicated this site to sharing all the tips I have learned on my journey. There were definitely some challenging times along the way!

After making a few initial mistakes, I quickly learned how to correct them. Hopefully, by checking out my website, you will not make the same mistakes I did, and you will easily find the answers you came for.

Having never had a dog before, you may wonder why I chose the German Shepherd breed other than it being one of the most popular in the world!

Well, I’m a former British Police Officer with almost 30 years of service on the streets of Manchester, England. I loved being in and around the Police German Shepherd Dogs during those many years.

These are some of the many experiences I have had with these brave dogs and their handlers:

  • Assisting dog officers with their training of new search and tracker dogs, including hiding in the woods wearing protective bite sleeves, waiting for the dog to sniff me out! Scary? I’ll say!
  • Helping to train new dogs during public order training by introducing them to a mock riot situation, including loud explosions, fire, and crowd noise.
  • Working UK football (soccer) matches with the Police German Shepherds. Dealing with public order situations, including large-scale disturbances and violence.
  • Working main events, such as concerts and political demonstrations, alongside the dogs. Helping to protect life and prevent crime and disorder.
  • Being involved in foot chases supporting the dogs in tracking fleeing thieves, robbers, or house-breakers. Great fun, especially during the dead of night!
  • Assisting the German Shepherds in drug searches of both suspects and premises. It certainly was a good feeling if you had missed something – and the dog then went on to find it!

How I Can Help You!

Along with my everyday expertise in raising my German Shepherd and those many exciting years of experience working alongside Police German Shepherds, I aim to pass on a ton of tips and advice.

I can offer this to you in the form of this helpful, informative, and entertaining dog website to help you to solve any dog-related problems you may have.

This includes topics such as: how to choose a breed that suits your lifestyle, where to find the right dog for you, how to choose a reputable breeder, costs to buy and care for, what to feed your dog, exercise needs, health issues, grooming, training, behavior issues, my recommended products, and loads more!

All articles stem from my personal experiences and my own research and include interviews with many canine professionals.

I also like to provide dog lovers from all over the world with a great place to interact.

When building the site, I noticed quite a lot of general information on various dog blogs and websites to be factually incorrect. However, you won’t find that here, as many of my articles link to authoritative and trustworthy websites.

This supports my writing and also offers other helpful resources if you wish to read or explore further. These links may include research or white papers from Google Scholarly, university evidence, and evidence or opinion from expert veterinarians and scientists.

So, What’s In It For Me?

A photo of Sharon Waddington collecting Willow from the breeder at 8 weeks old.
Collecting Willow from the breeder, aged 8 weeks

Damn right, affiliate links may be scattered throughout this great free content! I’ll receive a small commission when you purchase from my links, but this is at no extra cost to you. I’ll totally blow this on things like cookie dough ice cream and peanut M&M’s! Check out my full affiliate disclosure.

I also place Google Ads on the site to generate some cash making it possible to keep the site going and pay for some useful things for Willow. They’re not there to annoy you – but rather as a necessity, so I hope you understand.

This website will also help support my German Shepherd while writing about something I am passionate about.

A portion of the profits generated from the sale of the products I recommend goes to my chosen animal charity, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

This charity means a lot to me because they work super hard to ensure that all animals live free from pain and suffering through rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming. 

I only recommend products and services that I personally use or plan to buy and am happy to recommend to my family and friends. If I suggest that you spend your hard-earned money on something, I take it as seriously as if my own money were on the line.

I use photos to show this where applicable. If it’s something that’s been highly recommended to me, I thoroughly check it out first.

All of the links, products, and companies I recommend on the site are trustworthy and reliable, or I wouldn’t put them up! If you do have problems with any of them, for any reason, please email me so I can contact the company, and if necessary, remove the link.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what I’ve put together here and that you find the site helpful and fun. Whether you are about to choose your first puppy, are an experienced dog owner, or are just a lover of dogs in general, I appreciate you passing by.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please give me a shout, as I would love to know how I could improve the site. You can also find me on LinkedIn, and you can see the site’s Terms & Conditions here.

I’ve been amazed to learn how much love and laughter a dog can bring to your life and when I’m not spending time with my dog, I’m here writing about everything dogz!

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