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Walk Your Dog With Love Harness: An Owners Review

Written By: Sharon Waddington

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The first question you need to ask yourself before you jump into using something like the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness is how serious you are getting your dog to stop pulling on the leash, no matter what size breed you have. If your doggo happily walks without any pulling whatsoever, then I would recommend you opt for something like a simple rear-attached harness, such as the Julius-K9 from Amazon.

However, many dog owners who dream of having a dog that no longer pulls on the leash may think of the Walk Your Dog With Love harness. The harness is well known for walking your dog without pulling, making dog walking easy, enjoyable, and fun.

In this Walk Your Dog With Love Harness review, I’m going to examine the below:

  • Walking control
  • Coverage/Fit
  • Comfort and safety
A German Shepherd wearing the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness. Walk Your Dog With Love Harness Review
My German Shepherd Willow wearing her Walk Your Dog With Love Harness

Hey, wait! Are you running short of time? Need a TL;DR review of this harness? We’ve got you covered! Just check the crisp review below!

Review of Walk Your Dog With Love Harness



Maximizes no-pull. Excellent walking control. Leads from the front.



Reasonable pricing. Choose from 7 styles. Choice of colors.

Ease of Use


Easy to fit and adjust. Comfortable and safe.

What I Like

I lead my dog – she doesn’t lead me!
Easy to fit – no trying to work it out!
Choice of styles & colors

What I Don’t Like

Webbing can twist
Basic material but you can upgrade

Summary: The Walk Your Dog With Love Harness is, for me, the best no-pull dog harness out there. There are some things you need to know to get the best out of this harness. This is why I put this Walk Your Dog With Love review together. I want to help you lead your dog instead of your dog leading you and to bring back the enjoyment of walking. Say goodbye to those embarrassing moments when your dog suddenly drags you along the sidewalk.

From $34.95

What is the Walk Your Dog With Love No-Pull Harness?

Over the years, I’ve tried numerous so-called no-pull dog harnesses for my dog. If only I had known at the time that dog harnesses were initially designed to give sled dogs more pulling power! So, what is the Walk Your Dog With Love No-pull Harness?

The Walk Your Dog With Love No-pull Harness is unlike other dog harnesses as it’s not rear-attached but leads your dog from the front giving better steering and greater control. The front clip causes your dog to walk by your side, and if your dog tries to pull, he will end up rotating toward you.

The above photo is of my German Shepherd, Willow. You can see exactly where the harness attaches to her leash via the ring that is right by her lower chest area. It allows me to lead her from the front rather than a back clip harness that only promotes pulling. But this harness isn’t just for big dogs. It’s awesome for all breeds and sizes.

Check Out the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness Video…

While trying to find the best no-pull dog harness for my dog, I stumbled across the above video. It’s presented by Dan Merson, the founder of the harness.

I must admit, I did initially think what a strange name for a dog harness. However, the headline, “Dog Walks Just Got Easier! The World’s Best Dog Harness,” was enough to pique my interest…

Here’s a quick look at the best features:

Easy simply adjustmentBetter controlLeads from the front
Provides steeringNo-pullForce-free
ComfortableGentle on dog’s bodyChafe-free
No hard sewn spotsNo confusing fastenersStress-free
Kind to your dogEasy sizing guideEasy to put on & take off
Keeps its sizeEscape proofLight and flexible
Encourages confidenceWater-resistantCreates positivity
100% guaranteeSafe for neck & spineMade in the USA
Nighttime safetyChoice of stylesVarious colors

Dan is also passionate about dogs not being walked by the neck, such as a choker, prong, pincher, or even a flat collar. He describes how the risks of walking your dog from the neck include tracheal collapse, esophageal injury, soft cartilage damage, and heightened anxiety, to name but a few.  

“Mother nature didn’t design the neck for walking with a collar or a choker.”

Dan Merson

A recent study by Nottingham University, UK, investigated whether pulling on the lead and the resulting pressure on the dog’s neck could cause neck injuries. A variety of collars were tested on a canine model using pressure sensors.

Researchers found that the pressure exerted would be sufficient to risk injury to the dog. They stated that dogs should be walked using a no-pull harness or trained to walk on a loose lead without pulling due to all types of collars posing some risk.

In the below photo of my dog Willow, you can see she is being steered from the front, allowing me full control. She is wearing her leather collar, but it’s only to attach her ID tag. She can’t pull, no matter how big and strong she is! This type of harness is, without doubt, the best no-pull harness, especially for stubborn large breeds!

German Shepherd wearing a Walk Your Dog With Love no pull dog harness.  Best No Pull Dog Harnesses for German Shepherds
“I hate this damn harness…I just can’t pull my Mom!”

How Does the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness Work?

The Walk Your Dog With Love Harness works by leading your dog from the front rather than a back clip harness that promotes your dog to pull forward as it naturally encourages pulling against the pressure. It does not encourage this instinctive pulling as the front strap sits low across the dog’s chest.

Front-clip harnesses greatly reduce the amount a dog can pull. Consequently, they are the preferred choice of many dog trainers. They give the owner more control over the dog’s movement and are especially good if you have a stubborn dog!

When we look back in history, we can see that humans quickly learned that leading big animals like goats, horses, and camels from the front was simpler. They soon realized that this gave them even more steering and power.

A conventional dog harness attached to your dog’s back helps him pull forward by naturally encouraging him to pull against the tension. That’s why a sled dog team wears a modified dog harness that makes it easier for them to pull and encourages them to do so.

On the other hand, front clip harnesses do not allow this natural pulling since the front strap lies low across the dog’s chest. Harnesses like the Walk Your Dog With Love which connects to your dog’s front, encourage him to walk by your side, and if he tries to pull, he will end up spinning toward you!

So, now I know why all the other harnesses I bought failed to prevent my dog from pulling!

Why I Like the Walk Your Dog With Love No-Pull Harness

There are many advantages of front-attaching harnesses for dogs, and there are many brands you can choose from. But here are the main reasons why I decided on this harness for my dog:

  • No-pull. Your dog can’t pull because it’s not attached to the rear like a traditional harness. When I first tried it on my 88lb (40kg) German Shepherd, and she attempted to pull – she did a bunny hop! I’d describe it as a little pounce or leap forward, but she couldn’t go any further than pivoting toward me!
  • No choke. You can’t hurt or harm your dog’s neck because there is nothing around his throat. Choking, coughing, and other discomforts are less likely in your dog.
  • More control. You have complete control over your dog, and you lead from the front, just as horses and other animals are steered from the front. While you take the lead, it automatically puts your dog in the heel position.
  • Easy to fit. Unlike other no-pull dog harnesses I’ve used, this one is incredibly simple to put on! Simply place it over your dog’s head and secure the buckle under the tummy with a click. It’s that easy! There’s just one buckle, so there’s no doubt about where anything goes, and it’s super simple to remove.

Here are some other cool advantages of this harness:

  • Comfort. The harness is made of nylon webbing and handcrafted in the United States. It’s not only extremely strong but also incredibly light, allowing your dog to be comfortable while protecting his skin and preventing chafing.
  • Practical. It has reflective material for walking in the dark, making you feel safer at night or early in the morning. It won’t stretch or absorb water, and it’s simple to keep clean.
  • Style. There are seven different designs to choose from, including an all-in-one with a built-in leash and a padded version for dogs with sensitive skin. You can customize the harness with your phone number and your dog’s name, which is embroidered, and you can choose from a variety of colors.
  • Escape proof. There’s no need to be worried if your dog is an escape artist! Your dog can’t get out of it because the strap is higher on the chest.
  • Reasonable prices. This no-pull dog harness is affordable – if only I had discovered it earlier! You can purchase the original harness for around $35.
  • Guarantee. For an entire year, you can get your money back if you aren’t satisfied. The company is so confident in its product that they’re willing to have such an extended guarantee because they know it won’t be exploited or needed.
  • Chew replacement. If you’ve been a fool and let your dog chew it, there’s a one-time courtesy offer where you can get a replacement harness at a reduced price.

How Do I Fit the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness?

To fit the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness, firstly, make sure you are your dog are both relaxed. You will then place the label on the outside on the left and place the ring in front. Place the harness over your dog’s head. The strap goes behind the front legs under the belly, then click the buckle.

It should look like it looks on Willow below…

German Shepherd With No Pull Harness. Best No Pull Dog Harnesses for German Shepherds

How Do I Adjust the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness?

To adjust the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness, adjust the chest size adjustment by threading both straps through simultaneously – this keeps it centered. Slide the adjuster and pull the straps flat. The belly side fitting alters like a backpack strap. Push the webbing up through the adjuster, slide, and pull flat.

How to Fit & Adjust the Walk Your Dog With Love Dog Harness…

Is The Walk Your Dog With Love Harness Right for You?

No review would be complete without mentioning at least one negative and that goes for the Walk Your Dog With Love review.

So, if I had one criticism of this product, it would be that sometimes the polypropylene webbing can twist. However, there are better quality materials and padding that you can choose if you pay just a few dollars more. This includes the Sportso Doggo harness and the Soft & Sweet harness.

You can also select the NEO All-in-Wonder harness, which has the leash built-in, or the Broadband Big Dog harness for extra large dogs.

What to Like…

  • Far better control than rear-attached harnesses
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • It only needs one simple adjustment
  • Effective
  • Reasonably priced

What Not to Like…

  • Webbing can twist
  • The Original harness uses basic material
  • The website is not well designed and difficult to navigate

Walk Your Dog With Love Alternatives

Julius-K9 Power Harness

The Julius-K9 Power Harness (check price on Amazon) is a great rear-attached harness that I used when my dog was a puppy. If your doggo isn’t a puller, it’s a superb product that I would easily recommend. It’s extremely well-made, comfortable, and easy to put on. It’s also a top choice for working dogs such as police or search and rescue dogs and is perfect for everyday use.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

I like the rabbitgoo Dog Harness from Amazon because you get the best of both worlds. It’s a front clip harness that also allows you to attach it at the rear for casual walks or hikes when your dog is not pulling or while training. It’s especially suited to medium to large breeds and gets thousands of top reviews.


Can the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness be used for training?

It is designed to discourage pulling behavior and promote good leash manners, making it a useful tool for training your dog to walk on a leash. However, it is important to use positive reinforcement training methods in conjunction with the harness to effectively train your dog.

How do I clean and maintain the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness?

You can hand wash it with mild soap and water. You should avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as this can damage the harness. It’s important to let the harness air dry completely before using it again. However, I also fix any wear and tear that happens on the go.


To conclude my Walk Your Dog With Love Harness review, I definitely give it a huge thumbs up.

Traditional harnesses allow your dog to pull and allow very little control. A reason why I’d spend money on the Walk Your Dog With Love harness is that it avoids all pulling from your doggo, allowing you to lead your dog from the front without your dog leading you. It’s time to take back pawsome walks with your best friend.

You can learn more HERE.

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