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Finding the Perfect Crate: 7 Best Dog Crates for Labradors

Last Updated: December 30, 2023

As a devoted Labrador owner constantly on the lookout for the “best dog crate for Labradors,” I understand the unique needs these energetic and sizable companions have.

Whether you’re searching for a durable, spacious, or comfortable crate, finding the right one can be a challenge.

It’s not just about size or material; it’s about understanding the specific requirements of your Labrador, from their playful nature to their need for a secure, cozy space.

I’ve experienced the common pain points firsthand – crates that don’t withstand the test of time or those that just aren’t cozy enough for our furry friends.

That’s why I’ve dedicated time to researching and testing various options, considering factors like size, durability, and comfort.

My goal is to provide you with insights that stem from real-life experiences, ensuring you make an informed decision for your beloved Lab.

This article is crafted for Labrador owners who seek the best for their pets. I aim to build a connection with you by sharing my journey and the lessons learned along the way.

Together, we’ll explore the top 7 dog crates that meet our Labs’ needs, ensuring they have a safe and comfortable space that feels like their own.

A Labrador puppy in a dog crate

Best Dog Crates for Labradors

Here’s a quick look at the products I review in this article.

While I review three popular metal wire crates for your Labrador Retriever, my favorite – and the best by far, in my opinion – is the MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate. However, the MidWest iCrate starter kit comes a close second.

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Best Metal Wire Crates

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate

This folding metal dog crate is ideal for Labs because of its roominess and convenience for the owner.

At 42 inches, there’s plenty of space for your adult lab, and you can place the divider at any point in the crate. You can start small and let the crate grow with your dog.


This crate is 30 inches tall and 28 inches wide. The variable length is 42 inches, making it ideal for large breeds. It is essential to consider your Labrador’s maximum potential height when purchasing a crate.

Remember, this height is calculated not by estimating growth per year but by simply looking up the maximum size of a male of your dog’s breed. 

Even if your Lab’s a female, getting a crate fit for a male Lab is safer. With most male Labradors growing up to 24 inches, the 30-inch height of this crate is more than enough.


Your Labrador won’t feel alone or isolated with a metal wire material across all sides. At the same time, the wire will restrain him, which is crucial as he starts learning to accept the crate as his nook.

Other Features

With the size and material covered, let’s look at what makes this crate one of the best options for your Labrador. The product’s patented rounded side clips make it safer for your dog compared to the sharp edges found in traditional wire crates. 

Regarding safety, the crate’s secure locking mechanism is also worth mentioning because it gives you the peace of mind that your Labrador will not wiggle free and wreak havoc in the room, especially in your absence.

In your presence, it is a different story. The two doors, alongside a design that maximizes visibility, allow your Lab to feel socially integrated while in its crate.

The drawback of this could be that grounding your dog in his crate might not be as effective when he loves his crate so much.

But if you are a good dog owner, you’ll already know this is not a good way to discipline your Labrador.


Finally, we must consider the convenience of the product for you. Yes, your Labrador will be comfortable and feel at home, especially during crate training, but will this crate be a pain to assemble or maintain?

If you go by the aggregate of over a hundred thousand reviews and ratings on Amazon, the answer is a resounding no. 

The crate’s ease of folding is rated at 4.6 stars out of 5, and its ease of assembly is rated the highest at 4.7 out of 5 stars.

If you were previously skeptical that the crate, despite being big, is perfect for your fresh Lab puppy, the 4.5-star rating for the “for potty training” feature might change your mind.

I love the icrate, and as the name suggests, it’s an all-inclusive product, so you’ve nothing else to buy, which leads me to the next product…

New World Pet Products Dog Crate

Labs might not be the messiest dogs, but all puppies make a mess. This mess-proof dog crate is ideal for large breeds and allows you to introduce it early without front-loading your efforts. 

A typical dog mom might have to commit to a difficult crate-cleaning regimen when crating her puppy, but this crate allows you to skip that tough work. But before we examine the product’s unique features, let’s review its size and material.


This product is slightly smaller in height compared to the previous option but still gives a good 3 to 4 inches of free space for your fully grown Lab to stand.

As mentioned above, you must consider a fully grown male’s height for your puppy’s breed to ensure the crate will be a consistent fixture in the ever-changing world of your dog.

The length of this crate is 42 inches, which might be too big for a puppy. You need a divider for this crate to make your puppy feel secure and speed up your Labrador’s potty training.

Most people project their psychology onto their pets and assume more room is always preferable. 

This is okay regarding height; a dog can be comfortable in a room with a ceiling nine times his height. However, when it comes to the width and the breadth of the area of the crate, your Labrador needs a smaller space to feel comfortable.

If you get this crate, purchase a separate crate divider to help your puppy feel comfortable in it. If your Lab’s already grown up, this isn’t something to worry about.


This crate is the same metal wireframe variety as the previous one, albeit with better accolades. Over 38,000 reviews have set its average sturdiness rating at 4.5 out of 5 stars.

But that isn’t even the best part; the most remarkable thing about this crate is that its dimensions are better suited for dog beds. 

In other words, this product’s most significant material feature isn’t the material it is made of but the material it can accommodate. In this crate, you can put any dog mattress 28 inches wide and up to 42 inches long.

Other Features

The plastic pan with this dog crate allows you to clean it easily by pulling it out and washing and drying it in a convenient space.

Since you’re with your canine best friend for the long haul, getting a suitable product is the best thing you can do for both of you. 

The easy cleanup feature might become useless when your dog is disciplined enough to keep his crate clean, but there are other lifelong areas of convenience to consider.


Accessories can be added to the crate to decorate and add practical fun to the space. There’s also a handy user guide you can download from the product’s Amazon page, which is excellent for those purchasing their first dog crate. 

This product has also secured the highest possible rating for the “for potty training” aspect, which stands at 5 out of 5 stars.

The overall rating for this crate, from an average of over 38,000 reviews, is 4.7 out of 5 stars, and it has gotten props for its ease of assembly (4.7 stars), portability (4.2 stars), and ease of folding (4.6 stars).

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Starter Kit

While many manufacturers assert that their crates are more than crates and, in fact, are “home” for the dog, this product truly fits the description. The product is a bundle in which the crate is only one part.

This crate kit includes a cover for the crate, a dog bed to place inside the crate, and food and water bowls that can be attached easily to the crate’s interior.


The crate itself is a collapsible metal wire crate. As you may have read in the beginning, metal is the ideal material for Labradors, so most options on this list will feature metal. 

Included also is a fleece bed, which helps your Labrador stay warm and cozy inside the crate. Adding to the coziness is a polyester cover that you can use at night to minimize distractions and help your Labrador go to bed.


The dimensions of this crate aren’t particularly unique. With a 42-inch length and a 28-inch width, the crate matches the dimensions from a previous option, though it has a larger height.

At 30 inches, the crate hits the maximum mark for most large-breed dog crates, giving even the bigger Labradors a good 6 inches of headspace.

Other Features

While not unique, the crate does include a double-door option. It is worth mentioning because not every product in this post checks this mark. It is also collapsable, again, like many other metal dog crates.

Ultimately, the unique proposition of this product is its convenient bundling, which also makes for great value for money. 

You can include the brand as a feature because the humane message of the manufacturer is quite endearing: the product’s sales page includes instructions regarding humane and patient introduction to crates.

When a manufacturer warns customers not to force their dogs into the crate or use it as a tool to punish, I cannot help but give it a few points.

The product has also gotten props for durability with a 4.8-star rating on a 5-star scale. This is well-differentiated from the accolades of other products here.

However, it doesn’t rank too high for me because I know that no matter how durable a crate is, you may wish to replace it throughout your Labrador’s life.


Finally, no product review is complete without looking at its convenience for you, the one responsible for the dog.

It doesn’t seem like there’s anything unusual regarding convenience, though the crate has been reviewed thoroughly enough for a higher feedback resolution. 

For example, we know that a few other options on this list are easy to clean, thanks to their respective removable trays. However, this product has a 4.6-star rating in the “easy to clean” dimension. 

Other feedback that speaks to the crate’s convenience includes ease of assembly, which stands at 4.8 stars, and foldability, which is given an average rating of 4.7 stars.

The ultimate convenience of this product comes from the fact that you do not have to make individual purchases to bring together your Labrador’s home.

Getting a bed and cover separately may mean having different waiting periods, paying for shipping each product sometimes, and shelling out more cash overall.

Most dogs love the den-like feel of having a cover over their special place, and I always draped a blanket over my pup’s crate both when she was young and as an adult. But if you’d rather buy your accessories separately, this crate kit isn’t for you.

Best Soft Portable Crate

Amazon Basics Portable Soft Crate

If your Labrador is disciplined enough to sit silently in a covered crate, you can use this portable soft crate for short-distance travel.

There’s not a lot about this crate that makes it a must-buy except for its portability, but then again, a travel crate has to be easy to move, or it isn’t a good travel crate.

Let’s look at its material and size before considering its differentiating features.


This is a polyester product, which is great for moving Labrador puppies. In theory, you can use this crate even as a dog home as long as your puppy is young, but that would make it harder for your Labrador to accept a metal crate later on. 

The product, ultimately, is at the mercy of your dog and his training, but its opacity does present an advantage; there are little to no stimuli that would otherwise make your Labrador hyper-aware or too excited.

The harder potions of this crate are made of PVC, which is sturdier than polyester but is a nightmare to clean.


Size isn’t a concern with this soft crate, as it stands at 31 inches with a matching width and a 42-inch length.

This spaciousness, however, doesn’t offset the material disadvantage, especially since the metal crates (the best ones) also come in similarly spacious options.

Other Features

While the product will last much shorter than its metal counterparts, it presents its advantages. I just don’t know whether they’re worth the shortened lifespan.

The key features include the breathability of polyester, lack of stimuli, and a fleece pet bed. It is pretty easy to carry and comes with a strap to help manage this.


With this product, the convenience is dictated entirely by how well-trained your dog is.

If your Labrador is an obligate scratcher, the crate’s panels will be its canvas, but if your canine is patient and mellow, this is a convenient option for traveling and moving. 

All in all, it’s a good crate to have as a backup, as it doesn’t take up too much space. And if your Lab’s trained to be relatively inert when there’s a cover on his metal crate, you might be able to get him into this crate and have him stay put.

Best Travel Crate

Petmate Vari Kennel

Unless you charter a private jet every time you fly, you know that traveling requires compromising on space. Every transportation model is significantly less “roomy” than your residence.

This travel crate defies that principle and presents a spacious way of housing your Labrador on your travels. It’s the equivalent of an RV for humans.


This crate incorporates metal and plastic, which is great for travel but inconvenient for home use.

Metal crates aren’t perfect for traveling because a 360-degree wireframe means your Lab will get hyperstimulated looking at the changing environment in all directions.

Opaque plastic on the side reduces this stimulation, while the metal wire window keeps your dog from feeling claustrophobic.


As mentioned above, one of the flagship features of this product is that it allows you to transport your Labrador without really “caging” him.

The crate dimensions are 48 inches x 32 inches x 35 inches, comparable and even more spacious than many metal options.

Cleaning such a crate can be quite a chore, but its spaciousness means you’ll have enough room to reach and scrub the corners.

Other Features

Comparing this travel crate to metal ones wouldn’t be fair. Instead, you should compare it to other portable options. The plastic sides are better than polyester panels commonly used in travel crates. 

Another thing to consider is the airflow because dogs can start feeling claustrophobic if they don’t get fresh air. The metal wire window and the ventilation holes at the back allow air to circulate correctly.


This travel crate makes it convenient to transport your Lab because there’s little distraction and confusion. The only concern one might have is the crate’s durability, given that metal makes up a minor portion of the overall product.

However, the crate’s 4.5 rating for sturdiness is evidence that the product is durable enough despite not being as strong as a wire crate.

Best Furniture Style Crate

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Dog Crate

If you’re not too sensitive regarding the optics and want your dog crate to double as an end table, this is the perfect crate for your Labrador. It features metal bars and a wooden roof, panels, and flooring.


The product features wood, which can be a concerning aspect because of the rivalry between dogs and wooden posts. However, this is plastic wood and is not as scratchable.

According to the manufacturer, the wood is non-toxic and recycled. The stainless steel bars are strong enough to ensure the crate boundaries are actual boundaries and not suggestions (like they are with travel crates).


The crate is 30.9 inches high and is superb for dogs up to 100 lbs, meaning that although it appears small, it is spacious enough for all large dogs. Your Labrador will be comfy and will be able to move around with ease.

Other Features

The only prominent feature is the style and aesthetic appeal of this crate. While most crates look like jailhouses, this one seems like a luxurious house arrest destination. 

It comes in black, white, grey, espresso, and russet colors, of which I only knew three. Espresso is a fancy way of saying brownish-grey and russet, reddish-brown. This variety allows you to pick the crate that complements your furniture.


Despite looking like a complicated piece of carpentry, the crate is easy to assemble and requires no tools. It also doubles as furniture, making it more convenient for you to make room for the crate, especially if you live in a studio apartment.

Overall, I love this crate’s look and the great choice of colors that will fit any decor.

Best Metal Playpen

MidWest Homes for Pets Foldable Metal Playpen

This product combines the previous option’s spaciousness with the sturdiness of the first item in this post, making it the perfect environment for your Labrador to relax or play in a relatively confined space.

This playpen is best for those with a bigger residence who want to “dog-proof” an area without covering every piece of wood with an anti-chew spray-like product.

You can also use it with my favorite recommended crate (hint: the first on this list) to make a larger puppy/dog zone, as both can be connected.

I love this idea as it gives your Lab loads more room while keeping him in a safe environment and allowing a positive experience.


This playpen features metal wire panels and has an open top and bottom. In other words, the flooring could be grass or carpet, depending on where you assemble the playpen.

Since this is recommended for puppies, it is safe to use indoors, as most adult Labs with appropriate training don’t wet the floor.


Each panel is 24 inches wide, and there are eight panels. You can determine the width of the playpen by assembling the panels closely or even attaching extra panels.

As mentioned above, You can connect this to a wire crate and create a home+terrace setup for your Labrador.


The most convenient thing about this playpen is that it takes your hands off babysitting your dog.

You must be most concerned about this because leaving your Lab in his playpen for extended periods might make it easier for you to slack off on your responsibility to socialize with your best friend, take him out on walks, and play with him.

What Kind of Crate is Best for a Labrador Retriever?

Labrador Retrievers can be introduced to their crates when released into your custody. While an 8-week-old Lab can sit in any crate, you must ensure you get him the kind of crate he can feel at home in, even as a grown-up.

The best kind of Labrador crate is made of metal wire. They are the most practicable and durable enough to resist any damage.

More importantly, they maximize visibility and airflow, which helps your Labrador not feel isolated. Wire crates are also easy to clean, and most fold flat.

However, not all metal crates are built alike, as you will discover from the rest of this article. Each crate must be judged on its portability, ease of assembly, durability, and, of course, Lab-friendliness.

What to Look For in a Dog Crate

You would think there’s not much in choosing the best crate for your Labrador. Wrong! Here are the main features you should consider when selecting a metal wire crate for your doggo:

  • Size. Your dog’s crate should be large enough for your Labrador to comfortably stand, turn round, and lie down on his side with outstretched paws. Make sure you choose a size 42″, which is just perfect for your Lab to grow into. 
  • Durability. You need a sturdy metal crate for a large dog like the Labrador Retriever. Ensure the edges are rounded for safety, especially if you have small children.
  • Style. Choose a double-door variety that provides versatility to put it anywhere in your home. However, opt for a single door if you already know where you will put it. It will also save you a few dollars.
  • Accessories. I recommend an adjustable divider while your Lab pup is growing. You don’t want a crate that is too big for your puppy, as he may be tempted to use half of it as a toilet! If you divide the crate when he is small, he won’t want to pee or poop in his area. Your crate should also come with an easy-clean removable plastic tray.
  • Easy Assembly and Portable. Choose a crate that you can quickly set up without needing any tools. It needs to fold flat and have a carrying handle so you can move it around. Some dog crates also have roller feet that prevent your hard floor from scratching.


What size crate should I get for a Labrador?

Labradors need a 42-inch-size crate, so their size is well-accommodated in it. The crate should also be 27 inches tall at a minimum so the dog can safely stand without hitting his head and 28 inches wide to move around, lie on his side, and stretch out his paws comfortably.

What size crate is best for a Lab puppy?

The best crate size for a Labrador puppy is 42 inches. A wire crate with a divider is perfect as you can start your pup off in a small enough space by setting the divider a few inches away from his full length and continue to adjust as the dog grows. This also speeds up potty training.

Are there collapsible dog crates suitable for Labradors?

Yes, several collapsible dog crates would work well for a Labrador. Collapsible crates are convenient for travel or storing when not in use. Look for sturdy metal or plastic frames that can support a large dog and have enough space for your Lab to stand up and turn around.

Is it better to choose a metal or plastic crate for a Labrador?

For Labs, a metal crate is generally a better choice than plastic. Metal stands up to heavy-bodied Labs better and is less likely to bend or crack over time. It also allows for better airflow than plastic. Just be sure to choose a metal crate with a protective coating if you have concerns about rust.

Are there specific crate styles that work well for Labradors?

Wire crates provide excellent ventilation and visibility for Labs. They allow your dog to feel included while being protected. Look for double-door or divider panel styles that give your Lab flexibility as they grow. Avoid thin bars that could pinch paws or encourage reactivity.

How can I ensure proper ventilation in a crate for my Labrador?

Look for crates with wire walls that allow air circulation. Place the crate in an open area away from direct sunlight or heating vents. Consider covering part of the top if needed. Also, provide water outside of mealtimes to prevent dehydration.

Which Crate Should I Pick?

Labradors are very social and strong enough to rip apart delicate boundaries that cordon them off from their favorite pastime: playing with people.

A metal wireframe checks two boxes with the same pen, allowing the dog to feel like he’s a part of the surrounding social scene because of high visibility.

So, if we discount the different types of crates I have chosen for you and just concentrate on metal wire crates, here’s what I’d pick…

The best dog crate for Labradors is the MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate, as it’s strong, durable, and ideal for large dogs.

This “all-inclusive” crate has everything you need, including a convenient divider panel and a removable plastic tray, meaning you’ve nothing else to buy.

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Sowmya Sankaran is crazy about dogs, rabbits and birds! An avid rescuer and rehabilitator of dogs and other animals, she runs the Life With Equality Charitable Trust, an animal shelter in Chennai, India. She is also the founder of Petsmond, a pet website, in which she shares her experiences in raising different creatures and paying attention to intricate aspects of their health.

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