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I recently took a trip to India as my heart was broken by the neglect and treatment of the country’s poor street dogs. As a dog lover, something called me, and I just had to go and see!

Through no fault of their own, young puppies are abandoned by the roadside or in ditches for days on end. Some will starve, be stoned to death, or deliberately run over by passing mopeds.

But why, you may ask?

Human-street dog conflicts are exacerbated by misconceptions and negative perceptions, as people often fear issues like ticks, parasites, or wounds, causing them to avoid, shoo away, or abuse street dogs.

This fear is perpetuated as many lack an understanding of canine behavior and basic education.

These poor furbabies face severe health challenges, including malnutrition, infectious diseases, and injuries from accidents and abuse, leading to short and harsh lives, especially for puppies who often don’t survive past 12 months. Imagine!

My trip led me to a non-profit animal charity, Life with Equality Charitable Trust, in Tamil Nadu, India.

This shelter relies on donations to feed and care for each rescued pup, while the founders also pay for their care from their own pockets by freelancing work.

But the situation at the shelter is desperate and critical.

During my visit, I witnessed firsthand how the founders had to turn away an abandoned puppy that was left by the roadside due to having no more kennel space or funds to care for the poor furbaby. It was heartbreaking!

Please help me save a dog’s life by donating to their mission to expand the shelter to care for more desperate souls.

The vision of the shelter is to grow their rescued family from around 30 dogs to another 30, effectively doubling in size, so that they no longer have to turn away frightened paws.

But adjacent land and more kennels are needed to make this happen, and $7,500 is the target.

You can also help me save the lives of these poor dogs by helping to feed them and provide urgent healthcare, vaccinations, and much-needed sterilization.

It costs just $20 per month to feed and care for each rescue, including any veterinary fees. You can also help by virtually adopting.

For every animal saved, countless others are still suffering. Help me to start saving lives today by making a small gift.

Please donate today!

Thank you!

Sharon xx