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From Rescue to Family: The Story of an Indiana Officer and the Dog Found With His Muzzle Zip-Tied

Last Updated: February 14, 2024

In a heartwarming turn of events in South Bend, Indiana, a dog named Zeus found a new home with the very police officer who rescued him!

Zeus, a Doberman Pinscher, was discovered wandering beside a road with his snout cruelly zip-tied shut.

Officer Stephanie Northcutt of the South Bend Police Department (SBPD) was pivotal in the rescue.

She gained the frightened dog’s trust, safely captured him, and removed the zip tie with the assistance of a passerby.

Following his rescue, Zeus was taken to a local animal shelter, but his journey with Northcutt was far from over.

Rescued Doberman with its snout zip tied
Image credit: South Bend PD

The story of Zeus’s rescue and recovery quickly captured the hearts of many on social media, leading the SBPD to share an uplifting update.

Officer Northcutt, moved by her encounter with Zeus, decided to adopt him and make him the latest addition to her family.

This decision came after a weekend of Zeus bonding with Northcutt’s other dogs, confirming that he was a perfect fit for her home.

Officer Northcutt is no stranger to adopting dogs in need; Zeus is the second dog she has adopted while on duty, having previously taken in another pup from a difficult situation.

Her actions have become a beloved anecdote within the department, humorously noting that she might need to avoid animal rescue calls to prevent her home from becoming overly crowded.

Police officer rescues abused Doberman who had snout zip tied
Image credit: South Bend PD

The South Bend Animal Resource Center, where Zeus was cared for, reported that he is expected to recover from his injuries without any long-term physical effects.

In light of the community’s strong response to Zeus’s story, Northcutt has sponsored two pet adoptions at the center, hoping to encourage others to form similar bonds.

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As the SBPD continues investigating the circumstances leading to Zeus’s initial plight, they and the community celebrate his new beginning with Officer Northcutt.

The department’s message to Zeus, “Happy trails, Zeus. Enjoy your new home!” encapsulates the joy and hope his story has inspired.

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Sharon Waddington
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