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Dogo Argentino vs. German Shepherd: Who Would Win a Fight?

Last Updated: December 10, 2023

If I were a German Shepherd in front of a ready-to-fight Dogo Argentino, I’d run for my life. The all-white-coat dog has several winning advantages over the brave but smaller German, which anticipates our answer to the query, Dogo Argentino vs. German Shepherd – who would win?

A Dogo Argentino has a 500psi bite force and a large muscular body and will easily outpower a German Shepherd in a fight. This bite force is more than double that of the German Shepherd, 238 psi. Besides, the Dogo also has weight and temperament advantages over the German Shepherd. 

Since it is obvious that the Dogo Argentino will have an easy time winning a fight with the GSD, I’ll make this article straightforward and discuss why the Dogo Argentino vs. German Shepherd fight will end in favor of the first.

Dogo Argentino vs. German Shepherd Who Would Win?

Why a Dogo Argentino Would Overpower a German Shepherd

Do you know that owning a Dogo Argentino is illegal in some countries like Australia and the UK? In other countries (including the US), owning a Dogo Argentino is controlled in some areas by certain restrictions, and you would need lawful authority to own one. 

In the United States, the Dogo Argentino had a long wait for recognition by the AKC, which only came in 2020. The breed only ranks 88 on the 2022 most popular dog breeds list.

If you just asked why the Dogo Argentino has low popularity, it’s for the same reasons the dog will likely leave your German Shepherd fighting for his life if the two breeds engaged in a fight.

Below are the three reasons why the Dogo Argentino will win in a fight with the German Shepherd:

  • A super strong bite force.
  • A powerful, muscular body.
  • A fierce personality.

Let’s get to the details for each of these reasons.

Dogo Argentino Dog
Dogo Argentino

A Super Strong Bite Force

Curious dog experts who want to know how much pressure a dog’s jaw muscles exert on an object when it bites create bite force records. These dog bite specialists have documented record numbers for several breeds, including the powerful Dogo Argentino.

The Dogo Argentino has a 500psi bite force, more than double the 238psi German Shepherd bite force

Although you will likely find the German Shepherd’s name among the most common ones in dog bite statistics, that of the Dogo Argentino often appears in fatal dog attack stories. A case in point was reported recently in the Independent. In the unfortunate incident, two Dogo Argentinos mauled to death a 15-year-old girl. Very sad!

This and other Dogo Argentino attack stories that have turned fatal anticipate the fact that a German Shepherd will have a hard time escaping the bite of the Dogo. 

So, if you are betting on the German Shepherd and wondering, what if the German Shepherd bites first, I don’t have good news for you. Unfortunately, a few other factors work to reserve the winning card for the Dogo Argentino. One of those is the breed’s muscular body.

A Powerful Muscular Body

Studies measuring dog bite force have confirmed that body size has an intensifying effect on bite force. That comes as another losing point for the German Shepherd.

Dogo Argentino dogs can grow to 80lb-100lb (36-45kg). The German Shepherd grows to about 50-90lb (23-41kg). 

Going by the research fact just mentioned, the Dogo Argentino has a size advantage over the GSD unless the smallest Dogo Argentino (80lb) and the largest GSD (90lb) are in the ring.

But, even if that were the case, the German Shepherd’s winning chance is weakened by factors like bite force and the Dogo’s fierce personality.

Besides, there are other physical features that raise the winning card for the Dogo Argentino. These include:

  • A possible taller standing of 24-26.5 inches compared to the German Shepherd’s 22-26 inches.
  • A robust head supported by a thick, sturdy, and rounded neck. This is one of the breed’s stamp features and the basis for the super strong bite.
  • A large brachycephalic mouth and strong jaws, capable of delivering a damaging bite and holding firmly on prey. After all, the dog was bred to hunt large game like boars and puma.
  • A muscular and athletic body, yet very agile in movement.

With these qualities, the Dogo Argentino will be quicker in attacking and more ferocious in his bite than the German Shepherd. 

More significantly, the German Shepherd could have physical features that make him vulnerable in front of the opponent. The GSD’s hind legs have low knees and a right angulation at the thigh. 

Although these features propel the dog to high running speeds, they can work against the German Shepherd when the Dogo Argentino exacts his weight on him.

In addition to all the above, the Dogo Argentino will probably be angrier in attacking than the German Shepherd due to the breed’s personality.

A Fierce Personality

Have you looked at a dog’s face and felt like running away, even before finding out if he was contemplating biting you? Well, that could well have been a Dogo Argentino.

Don’t get me wrong, though. You can train a Dogo Argentino to be a great pet and family dog if you are patient with a self-willed dog. 

Nonetheless, his creator, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, made sure the breed came out with an intimidating face and a fierce personality.

The AKC describes the Dogo Argentino as a symbol of “explosive power and energy” and “marked hardness.” These looks are not just an outward presentation but also a temperamental disposition. The attack example earlier is enough proof.

The German Shepherd is large, agile, and muscular. However, these characteristics may not sufficiently counter how the Dogo Argentino will use the same qualities alongside his fiery personality and stronger bite force to wage a winning attack. 

Alert German Shepherd

Concluding Thoughts

German Shepherds are large, brave, and muscular dogs that can put their best foot forward to fight and defeat any foe threatening their family. 

However, this bravery may turn into a drop in the ocean in front of a larger dog with more than double the GSD’s bite force.

If we use that to deliver the verdict for the Dogo Argentino vs. German Shepherd who would win dilemma, the Dogo Argentino has it! 


Can a Lion Defeat a Dogo Argentino?

A lion can defeat a Dogo Argentino because it has a stronger bite force, 650 psi or higher, depending on the lion’s age and size. The Dogo Argentino has a 500psi bite force. Additionally, the lion is generally faster than most dogs, especially during short sprints when chasing prey. Besides, the lion is a daily hunter in the wild, the Dogo Argentino is generally a family dog.

Is Dogo Argentino the Most Powerful Dog?

The Kangal is the most powerful dog, with a bite force of 743 psi, against the Dogo Argentino’s 500 psi. If we go by weight instead, the Mastiff is the most powerful dog, with a 120-230lb (54-104kg) weight against Dogo Argentino’s 80-100lb (36-45kg).

Sharon Waddington
Sharon Waddington is the founder of World of Dogz. With over 30 years of experience working with dogs, this former Police Officer has seen it all. But it’s her trusty German Shepherd, Willow, who steals the show as the inspiration behind this website. As Sharon’s constant companion Willow has played a pivotal role in shaping her passion for dogs. Recently, Sharon has become deeply passionate about the plight of rescue dogs and is an active advocate for dog rescue, striving to make a difference in the lives of dogs in need.

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