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Sharon Waddington

Sharon Waddington is the founder of World of Dogz. With over 30 years of experience working with dogs, this former Police Officer has seen it all. But it’s her trusty German Shepherd, Willow, who steals the show as the inspiration behind this website. As Sharon’s constant companion Willow has played a pivotal role in shaping her passion for dogs.

Why Do German Shepherds Put Their Ears Back? Mood Signals

As a devoted German Shepherd owner, I’ve always been fascinated by the subtle yet expressive body language of these magnificent dogs. Understanding why your German Shepherd puts their ears back is not just about satisfying curiosity but deepening the bond you share with your loyal companion. German Shepherds put their

Puppies Aren’t Just Presents: The True Cost of a Christmas Dog

As the holiday season approaches, many families consider adding a furry member to their household, often in the form of a cute, cuddly puppy under the Christmas tree. However, this well-intentioned gesture can lead to unintended consequences, with many of these holiday pets finding themselves in shelters only a few

Akita vs. German Shepherd Who Would Win?

Akita vs. German Shepherd: Who Would Win a Fight?

The Akita Inu is one of those dogs you have to be completely sure about before bringing one home. This breed has a 3/5 score for family affection and fondness with kids and 1/5 for friendliness with other dogs. The German Shepherd is a friendlier family dog, scoring 5/5 for

Dogo Argentino vs. German Shepherd Who Would Win?

Dogo Argentino vs. German Shepherd: Who Would Win a Fight?

If I were a German Shepherd in front of a ready-to-fight Dogo Argentino, I’d run for my life. The all-white-coat dog has several winning advantages over the brave but smaller German, which anticipates our answer to the query, Dogo Argentino vs. German Shepherd – who would win? A Dogo Argentino