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Joice Njeru

Joice Njeru is an avid pet lover, professional author, and skilled researcher with a heart for pets. A former university lecturer of 14 years but now turned freelance writer, Joice has created hundreds of articles on dog behavior, training, care, and pet health. She is an expert in everything pets and hopes to educate and inspire other pet lovers through her writing.
Joice Njeru
German Shepherd Rescue New York

5 Best German Shepherd Rescues in New York (2023 Update)

Are you searching for a German Shepherd Rescue in New York? Well, you just found the most reliable list of GSD rescues in New York in a single place. These are the top 5 German Shepherd rescues in New York: These rescues have aspects that set them apart in the

German Shepherd Rescue New Jersey

3 Top German Shepherd Rescues in New Jersey (2023 Update)

Current pet population statistics indicate that New Jersey is one of the states with the lowest pet population in the US. Only about 29% of households in the state own a dog.  But that does not suggest that the state is pet unfriendly. In fact, homeless German Shepherds in New

German Shepherd Rescue North Carolina

3 Top German Shepherd Rescues in North Carolina (In 2023)

Plott Hounds have the prestige of being the official dog for North Carolina. However, German Shepherds outdo them in numbers because they are the second most popular breed in the state after Labrador Retrievers and ahead of Golden Retrievers. That’s according to Country 103.7FM. Going by deduction, it is more

German Shepherd Rescue South Carolina

4 Best German Shepherd Rescues in South Carolina

Do you live in South Carolina and are searching for a rescue where you can adopt a German Shepherd? Well, I have two options for you. First, you can find a dog for adoption at a German Shepherd Rescue in North Carolina that also serves the South Carolina area. Second,

How To Calm a Dog In Heat

10 Effective Ways to Calm a Dog In Heat

At 6 months of age or a little after that for larger dog breeds, female dogs begin to be in heat. This means they are in a fertile season of their reproductive cycle every 6 months or so. This period can come with a bit of discomfort and cause your

German Shepherd Rescue Montana

3 Best German Shepherd Rescues in Montana (2023 Update)

Are you searching for the best German Shepherd Rescue in Montana? Finding one can be a bit tasking because breed-specific rescues aren’t common in the state. That’s why we took the time to find you the best dog and animal rescues in Montana, where you can find an adoptable German