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3 Top German Shepherd Rescues in New Jersey (2024 Update)

Last Updated: January 1, 2024

Current pet population statistics indicate that New Jersey is one of the states with the lowest pet population in the US. Only about 29% of households in the state own a dog. 

But that does not suggest that the state is pet unfriendly. In fact, homeless German Shepherds in New Jersey can easily find a new forever home thanks to the efforts of these 3 breed-specific rescues:

  • German Shepherd Rescue of New Jersey
  • Garden State German Shepherd Rescue
  • Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary

You can learn more about these German Shepherd rescues in New Jersey in the rest of the article. One of the rescues could be the link to your new furry friend. 

German Shepherd Rescue New Jersey

German Shepherd Rescues in New Jersey

German Shepherd rescues in New Jersey seem to have similar characteristics like thoroughly assessing prospective adopters. But each has unique features, as you are about to find out.

1. German Shepherd Rescue of New Jersey

The German Shepherd Rescue of New Jersey is a charitable dog rescue in Pennington. The Rescue was started by a group of volunteers with vast knowledge and experience with the GSDs, favoring the success of the Rescue’s mission.

How the Program Works

The founders of the German Shepherd Rescue of New Jersey prefer to describe their saving and rehoming mission as a Program. The Program entails several activities, including:

  • A thorough assessment of the dog’s temperament before admittance to the Rescue. German Shepherds with aggressive behavior or tendencies to the same are not accepted. This serves to keep everyone involved in the program safe.
  • Extensive evaluation of adoption and foster applicants. This is to ascertain that the foster or adoptive family has a conducive environment for the dog’s welfare.
  • Educating the community about the characteristics of the breed. Better knowledge ensures a lasting bond between dogs and their new owners.

GSDs that are made available for rehoming come from:

  • Shelters 
  • Surrendering dog parents 
  • The Owner Rehoming Assistance Program

Because it does not have a shelter or brick-and-mortar office, the Rescue realizes the entire saving and rehoming process virtually. Dedicated volunteers and fosters work together to make the virtual rehoming process successful. 

Want to be a Part of the Program?

You can be part of the GSD rescue and rehoming program as a volunteer, foster, donor, or adopter. 

Adopting a dog from the German Shepherd Rescue of New Jersey happens through a rigorous process realized in these steps:

  1. The adopter fills out and submits an online adoption application form and pays a 10$ application fee.
  2. Volunteers at the Rescue conduct vet and personal reference checks.
  3. An adoption coordinator engages the adopter in a phone interview to make any clarification on the application and schedule a home visit.
  4. A home visit is made which should be attended by all family members and current pets.
  5. The adoption volunteers match the adopter with a dog based on their preferences and the volunteers’ evaluation.
  6. There are two meet-and-greets, one at your home and another in a different location.
  7. The adopter signs the adoption contract and donates $150-$400, depending on the dog’s age.
  8. The adopter brings home their new German Shepherd.

The Rescue has a long list of pre- and post-adoption requirements. You can read about these on their website. Direct any additional questions to [email protected] or make direct calls to 1-844-694-7765. 

German Shepherd Looking Through Wire Fence

2. Garden State German Shepherd Rescue

Situated in Edison, the Garden State German Shepherd Rescue works with volunteers to save and rehome GSDs at risk of euthanasia. The dogs come from overcrowded pounds and rescues.

How the Rescue Works

Garden State Rescue does not have a physical location to house the dogs. Instead, the rescued German Shepherds are placed in foster and volunteer homes until they can find a new loving family.

The dogs are first assessed for any medical conditions and given any due or late vaccinations before they are made available for adoption. 

The Rescue also runs an Owner Referral Program. With this program, current GSD owners who want to surrender their pups keep the dogs until a new owner is found.

Willing to Help?

If the mission to save and rehome German Shepherd dogs at the Garden State Rescue inspires you, you can apply to be a volunteer or foster. You can also make a monetary donation in support of dog care expenses. Better still, you can open your home to a needy furry friend. 

If you decide to adopt, you must go through the Rescue’s application process. The process commences when you complete and submit an adoption application form.

You will not find the finer details about the rest of the process on the Rescue’s website. However, you can communicate directly with volunteers at the Rescue by sending a Facebook message, emailing [email protected], or calling (201) 794 – 4746. You can also use this snail mail address, PO Box 495 Edison, NJ 08818.

3. Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary

The Sedona Shepherd Sanctuary is a charitable organization in Millburn that started in 2014. The organization relies on fosters and boarding facilities to save and provide a sanctuary to German Shepherds.

Sedona’s Mission

Sedona was founded for a comprehensive mission in the care of dogs. This mission entails:

  • Saving and rehoming adult and senior GSDs and, when need calls for it, other large breeds and Shepherd mixes.
  • Collaborating with other rescues and shelters in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in finding forever homes for needy German Shepherds and other large breed dogs.
  • Educating communities about the responsibilities of dog ownership and how to properly rehome dogs when one can no longer provide for their welfare.

Sedona Shepherd Rescue also helps by posting GSDs available in other rescues on their website. Besides, the Rescue works with other dog rescues by co-sponsoring events.

As you can tell, collaborating is a core part of how the Rescue runs. You can also lend a helping hand.

German Shepherd Pups

Helping Sedona

Volunteering, fostering, and donating are some ways you can help care for German Shepherds at Sedona. You can also buy dog care equipment and dog-themed items from their shop, and if you want to offer more long-lasting help, you can adopt a GSD.

To adopt a German Shepherd from Sedona Rescue, you will follow these steps:

  1. Complete the online adoption application and submit it.
  2. Leave some time for the volunteers to contact your personal and vet references.
  3. Respond to a phone interview to schedule a home visit and answer any questions.
  4. Allow a home visit. This could be virtual or on location.
  5. Meet the dog you are interested in or one considered by the volunteers as your best match. There are two meet-and-greets. One happens in your home with current pets and all family members present.
  6. Pay the adoption fee and bring home your GSD. The charge varies with the dog’s age and is between $150 and $450.

You can clarify any unanswered queries about the adoption process by emailing [email protected] or calling 646-228-5494. Additional information is accessible on the Rescue’s website.

German Shepherd Dog Clubs in New Jersey

Becoming a member of a German Shepherd dog club opens the door to events and initiatives where you can meet and interact with other breed lovers and GSD owners. These events could also be where you learn about the best German Shepherd Rescue in New Jersey. 

It doesn’t matter if you live in the Northern or Southern regions of NJ. Here are two German Shepherd dog clubs in New Jersey recommended for you:

The Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club 
The Southern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club 
German Shepherd By The Beach

Helpful German Shepherd Articles

If you’re undecided about rescuing a German Shepherd, or if you need more information, these guides may be just what you need:

Concluding Thoughts

Do you want to join the 1/3 of New Jersey residents that own a dog? Well, adopting a homeless German Shepherd from a rescue is one of the options for becoming a dog owner.

We researched the best German Shepherd rescue in New York for you. Simply make your pick and start the journey to becoming a GSD owner.

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