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Joice Njeru

Joice Njeru is an avid pet lover, professional author, and skilled researcher with a heart for pets. A former university lecturer of 14 years but now turned freelance writer, Joice has created hundreds of articles on dog behavior, training, care, and pet health. She is an expert in everything pets and hopes to educate and inspire other pet lovers through her writing.
Joice Njeru
Cane Corso vs German Shepherd Who Would Win?

Cane Corso vs. German Shepherd: Who Would Win a Fight?

I love the German Shepherd, which is why I have some advice for the dog, “Stay away from any Cane Corso looking for a fight!” But even without this warning, the Cane Corso has such an intimidating glance, enough to make the GSD know he’d better stay away than fight.

German Shepherd vs Labrador Who Would Win

German Shepherd vs. Labrador: Who Would Win a Fight?

It would be a pity to see two dogs from America’s most popular breeds fight. Luckily, this is a hypothetical fight to underline the breeds’ physical and personality qualities. So, if you own one of these dogs and are curious about our quandary, German Shepherd vs. Labrador – who would

Great Dane vs. German Shepherd

Great Dane vs. German Shepherd: Which is Better for YOU?

There’s a common belief that larger dogs, like the Great Dane and the German Shepherd, are a lot smarter than small-sized dogs. But that would be a generalization if we assumed owning a Great Dane or a German Shepherd is the same. So, if we place them on a canine

Why Is My Dog Bobbing His Head Around His Food Bowl?

5 Reasons Your Dog is Bobbing His Head Around His Food Bowl

Bobbing the head is not an uncommon behavior in dogs. If you have lived with your furry friend for years, you must have seen the pet bob his head many times.  That said, head bobbing can become worrisome if it suddenly becomes your dog’s way around food, causing you to

Why Is My Dog a Messy Eater?

5 Reasons Your Dog Is a Messy Eater (And How To Fix It!)

Have you ever looked at your furry friend’s eating space and wished someone had published a dog-eating etiquette book in canine language?  Well, messy eating is not natural for dogs, and if you know that already, a finger on your chin while your mind wonders, “Why is my dog a

German Shepherd Rescue New Hampshire

Top 3 German Shepherd Rescues in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a top-tier state on the 2022 US rankings of State Animal Protection Laws. That means the state has more strengths than weaknesses in animal protection, including dogs in rescues. While you may not find a breed-specific German Shepherd rescue in New Hampshire, there are many all-breed dog