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Top 3 German Shepherd Rescues in New Hampshire

Last Updated: December 10, 2023

New Hampshire is a top-tier state on the 2022 US rankings of State Animal Protection Laws. That means the state has more strengths than weaknesses in animal protection, including dogs in rescues.

While you may not find a breed-specific German Shepherd rescue in New Hampshire, there are many all-breed dog rescues and animal societies where you can adopt a German Shepherd.

We present the top 3 dog rescues in New Hampshire where you can find German Shepherds: 

  • Sato Heart Rescue
  • The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire
  • Mary’s Dog Rescue & Adoption

This article is about the unique characteristics of these rescues and why they are good places to look for a German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Rescue New Hampshire

German Shepherd Rescues in New Hampshire

We won’t be presenting any breed-specific German Shepherd rescue in New Hampshire. Nonetheless, the all-breed dog rescues below have unique features, from bringing homeless dogs from other countries to special community education programs.

1. Sato Heart Rescue

Sato Heart Rescue is a volunteer-run charitable organization in Milford, New Hampshire. Like most dog rescues, the organization saves, rehabilitates, and rehomes dogs into new loving families. However, Sato Heart Rescue has a unique characteristic different from other dog rescues.

The Uniqueness of the Rescue

By working with volunteers, Sato Heart Rescue collaborates with its parent organization, Second Chance Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico to save Satos. Sato is Puerto Rican dialect for a street dog.

These stray dogs arrive at Sato Heart Rescue shy and withdrawn. But with proper nutrition and vet care, socialization, and training, the dogs portray their loving and relaxed personalities. This transition helps the volunteers at the Rescue to match the dogs with their best adoptive families.

Usually, the dogs are quarantined for 2 days on arrival and checked by a veterinarian who issues a health certificate from the New Hampshire State.

Want to be a Part of the Mission?

As an all-volunteer organization, Sato Heart Rescue relies on the support of fosters and donors to ensure the welfare of dogs and complete the rescue and adoption process. Adopters are also a core part of the Rescue.

If you wish to adopt a German Shepherd from Sato Heart Rescue, browse the adoptable dogs on their website.

If you find an available German Shepherd, proceed with these adoption process steps:

  1. Complete an online application or download the application form in PDF or MS Word, fill it out, and email it to [email protected].
  2. Allow time for the Director of Adoptions to review your application.
  3. Respond to a phone interview so the adoption director can determine if you and the dog are a good match.
  4. Attend a meet-and-greet once the application is approved. This can conclude by bringing home your newfound furry friend.
  5. Sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee of $450 in cash or check.

You can make additional inquiries about adopting a German Shepherd from Sato Heart Rescue using the email address indicated earlier. You can also call them at 1-603-265-0303 or visit them at 765 N. River Road, MILFORD, NH 03055-5004, only by appointment. The Sato Heart Rescue website has other general information about the Rescue. 

GSD In Cage Lying In Sun

2. The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire

The Animal Rescue League of NH is a not-for-profit organization with headquarters in Bedford, New Hampshire. The Rescue started in 1902 and was incorporated 2 years later. 

​Promoting Healthy Owner-pet Relationships

The Animal Rescue League works with communities in the region to promote healthy human-pet coexistence for the welfare of the animals.

In addition, the animal welfare organization collaborates with animal health investigators to help animal owners struggling to provide for their pets. This happens through:

  • A pet food pantry.
  • Affordable neuter and spay clinics.
  • Community education programs. 

German Shepherds, and other dogs at the New Hampshire Animal Rescue League, are up-to-date with their medical records before they are available for adoption.

Become Part of the League’s Mission

Animal Rescue League relies on donations to cater to the welfare of the animals. So, the first way to collaborate with the Rescue is by making a tax-deductible donation. You can also apply to be a foster or a volunteer or adopt an animal. 

If you identify an adoptable German Shepherd from the available dogs, follow these steps to process the adoption:

  1. Search through the available dogs and read their bios.
  2. Contact the Rescue by calling 603-472-3647 Ext.201 to talk about the dog or dogs you are interested in.
  3. Attend a scheduled meet-and-greet. All members of the family and any current pets must show up at this meeting. You may be allowed to bring home the dog after the first meeting or be required to make a few more visits.
  4. Review your dog’s health records and food requirements with the adoption counselor and provide the requested information. The Rescue does not require a formal adoption application at the beginning of the adoption process.
  5. Bring home your new GSD. The adoption fee can go from $175 to $475, depending on the dog’s age. A $100 discount is given on the second dog if you adopt a pair.

Visit the Rescue’s website to explore more information about adoptable German Shepherds. Alternatively, call the phone number indicated earlier or email [email protected].

German Shepherd In River

3. Mary’s Dog Rescue & Adoption

Mary’s Dog Rescue & Adoption is named after its founder, Mary Doane. With the support of her husband, John, she realized her passion for saving dogs from kill shelters in Southern New Hampshire and finding them new forever homes in New England. 

This endeavor began as a simple volunteer initiative in 2011 and upgraded to a charitable organization in 2016.

Mary’s Dog Rescue Current Mission

Today Mary’s Rescue combines the efforts of a network of board members, rescue and adoption staff, and an inn team to save and rehome around 600 dogs every year. 

Apart from saving and rehoming dogs, the Rescue also educates the community on core dog ownership topics, including:

  • Controlling pet overpopulation through neutering and spaying.
  • Responsible pet ownership.
  • Positive reinforcement behavior training.
  • Proper canine nutrition.

How You Can Help

Although the Rescue has a vast network of collaborators for its daily activities with the dogs, you can also be part of their mission by:

  • Making a monetary or supplies donation.
  • Becoming a foster parent or adoption volunteer.
  • Adopting a dog.

When I did this write-up, Mary’s Rescue had a few German Shepherds available for adoption.

If you want to adopt a GSD from the Rescue, you will complete the general dog adoption process following these steps:

  1. Browse the available dogs to identify any available GSD. If you have a question about a particular dog, email the adoption team at [email protected].
  2. Fill out and submit the adoption questionnaire. 
  3. Wait for a team member to review your details, contact your references, and get back to you via email.
  4. Talk to a member of the adoption team on a phone interview. A home visit could be scheduled during the interview.
  5. Allow the home visit.
  6. Pay a $100 fee to have your preferred dog reserved for you.
  7. Sign the adoption contract once all the adoption steps and details are completed.
  8. Pay the remaining adoption balance and bring home your pet. The full adoption fee is $595 for puppies and $545 for adult and senior dogs.

Before bringing home your adoptive pet, you agree that the dog will live with you indoors. In addition, you commit to return the dog to the Rescue as a first option should the adoption fail.

You can access more info about Mary’s Dog Rescue & Adoption on their website. You could also make direct inquiries by calling (603) 608-3374 or writing to the email provided earlier.

West German Show Line German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dog Clubs in New Hampshire

Finding a breed-specific German Shepherd rescue in New Hampshire can be challenging. However, if you are a member of a GSD club, you can get reliable info about where to find a GSD from other club members.

You can start connecting with other breed lovers and dog owners at the German Shepherd Dog Club of Southern New Hampshire. Find more info about the club here.

Helpful German Shepherd Articles

If you’re undecided about rescuing a German Shepherd, or if you need more information, these guides may be just what you need:

Concluding Thoughts

German Shepherd dog lovers in New Hampshire looking to adopt a dog of their favorite breed may be discouraged if they don’t find a breed-specific rescue. But that should not be the case. 

The state has many all-breed dog rescues with homeless GSDs. The three discussed in this article are our favorites.

Are you looking for a German Shepherd rescue countrywide? Check out this article, 45 Best German Shepherd Rescues In The US.

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