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3 Best German Shepherd Rescues in Mississippi: Our Favorites

Last Updated: December 10, 2023

Mississippi has had its fair share of neglected and abandoned German Shepherds requiring rescue services. Many will remember the 2019 serious animal cruelty case involving 36 German Shepherds. 

Unfortunately, breed-specific German Shepherd rescues in Mississippi with a traceable reference seem to have ended with the closure of Legacy German Shepherd Rescue in Nesbit. 

But that does not mean you won’t find an adoptable German Shepherd in all-breed dog rescues. We reviewed for you the top 3 dog rescues in Mississippi where you can adopt or foster a German Shepherd:  

  • Dixies Adoptables
  • CARA (Community Animal Rescue and Adoption)
  • Animal A.I.D. of Mississippi

If finding a German Shepherd rescue in Mississippi seems such a difficult task, the all-breed rescue list in this article will make it easier for you. Read, decide, and thank us later!

German Shepherd Rescue Mississippi

German Shepherd Rescues in Mississippi

Your intention to collaborate with a German Shepherd Rescue in Mississippi is excellent news for the many homeless GSDs in the state. Consider starting your search in one of the rescues below.

1. Dixie Adoptables

Dixie Adoptables started as an informal dog rescue by two volunteers in Lucedale, Mississippi. Noticing the growth in the number of abandoned dogs, the volunteers registered a charitable 501(c)(3) organization in 2008. 

Since then, the Rescue has developed several aspects of dog care to ensure every homeless animal is catered for and eventually rehomed with a loving family.

Dixie Adoptables Comprehensive Rescue Mission

Since its formal establishment, the Rescue has created a robust foster and volunteer community to save, care for, and adopt homeless dogs.

In 2016, Dixie Adoptables welcomed the request of the Lucedale municipal authorities to take up the running of the Lucedale Animal Shelter. Assuming this commitment opened more opportunities to help many needy animals.

The Rescue has also developed Dixie Express, a transport service that moves adoptable dogs even to other states in the country.

In addition, Dixie Adoptables runs a neuter-spay program targeting low-income dog owners in the community.

Want to Help Make a Difference?

All the achievements at Dixie Adoptables are possible thanks to the contribution of numerous donors. You can also add your contribution to make a difference.

Alternatively, you can collaborate in their rescue mission by:

  • Applying to be a foster or volunteer.
  • Purchasing items on their shopping list.
  • Sponsoring a kennel.
  • Organizing or taking part in a fundraiser.
  • Adopting a GSD.

To adopt a Germans Shepherd at Dixie:

  1. Go to their Adoptable Dogs page and search the list by breed to identify a possible adoptee. 
  2. Select your chosen pet.
  3. Click on the ‘Apply for Adoption’ option. You will be prompted to enter your email address and submit. 
  4. Await a response from the Rescue volunteers to complete the adoption process.

You can find additional info on how to help make a difference for a German Shepherd at Dixie Adoptables on their website, You could also make a call at (601) 947-7994.

Barking GSD Behind Wire Fence

2. CARA (Community Animal Rescue and Adoption)

CARA, or Community Animal Rescue & Adoption, is a non-profit organization in Jackson, Mississippi. The Rescue is dedicated to saving and rehoming abandoned dogs and cats “until every cage is empty.” Achieving that dream comes with plans for the future.

A Rescue with a Vision for the Future

CARA has managed to rescue many dogs and cats thanks to the work of a team of board members, volunteers, fosters, and part-time employees.

The Rescue currently utilizes a limited space but has plans to construct a new facility in the next 5 years. With this project and other community outreach initiatives, the Rescue hopes to put Mississippi on par with other states in animal welfare.

Be Part of the Vision

You can be part of CARA’s mission to reduce the number of unwanted dogs in Mississippi by donating towards animal care or becoming a volunteer or foster. 

If you are 25 years and above, you can also provide a long-term solution by adopting a dog from the Rescue.

Here’s what you need to do to adopt a GSD from CARA:

  1. Start by exploring the list of adoptable dogs. 
  2. Once you find your preferred pet, proceed to fill out the application form. You’ll be prompted to pay a 15-dollar application processing fee.
  3. Wait for communication from the adoption volunteers on a date to visit the shelter. That happens once your application is approved.
  4. Pay a $150 adoption fee and bring home your new pet.

You will find more details about CARA on their website,

You can also request specific details on the adoption process or other related queries by calling (601) 922-7575. If you choose to email, send it to [email protected] or post snail mail to 960 N. Flag Chapel Road, Jackson, MS 39209.

A German Shepherd Puppy Staring at his Bowl.

3. Animal A.I.D. of Mississippi

Animal A.I.D. of Mississippi is a non-profit animal rescue organization and a DBA of Four Paws Farm in Pass Christian. 

The Rescue targets abused, abandoned, and injured dogs and cats. By nurturing, caring, and protecting, Animal A.I.D. Mississippi strives to bring out the angel in the homeless pets in need of a forever home.

How the Rescue Works

Animal A.I.D. Mississippi is a foster-based rescue that relies on generous volunteers to carry out the rescue, rehabilitation, foster, and adoption processes. 

However, the Rescue is in the process of developing an animal sanctuary on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Here, the Rescue will shelter more animals permanently or short-term before finding their adoptee family. 

Currently, the Rescue also provides open park services where dogs and their owners can spend time in play or training. 

How You Can Help

Donating funds toward the care of the animals at the Rescue or the expansion projects is one of the primary ways you can collaborate with the Rescue. 

You can also open your home to foster or offer free services as an adoption or foster volunteer. If you are contemplating becoming a dog owner, consider adopting one from the Rescue.

Adopting a German Shepherd from Animal A.I.D. Mississippi works the same as adopting dogs of other breeds. 

You begin by checking out the Available Pets on the Rescue’s website. Once you find a dog that seems a good match for you, fill out the application form.

The placement team will contact you to inform you of the next steps of the adoption process once your application is reviewed and approved.

You can request more details about the adoption process by emailing [email protected] or calling (228) 918-0828.

German Shepherd Dog Clubs in Mississippi

In a state where breed-specific rescues are scarce, joining a German Shepherd club is extremely beneficial. You can connect with other GSD lovers at fun events and get reliable info about your adoption and fostering queries.

While the clubs in different cities are yet to be established and create websites, you can consider these two regional options:

Mississippi Coast German Shepherd Dog Club 
Schutzhund Club of Mississippi 
Large Female German Shepherd

Helpful German Shepherd Articles

If you’re on the fence about rescuing a German Shepherd, or if you need more information, these guides may be just what you need:

Closing Thoughts

Abandoned, abused, or neglected German Shepherds are not rare in Mississippi. Unfortunately, more needs to be done to ensure these homeless pups have a chance at a better life in a new home.

Breed-specific German Shepherd rescues in Mississippi are working on their media visibility. In the meantime, you can collaborate with existing all-breed dog rescues. The rescues will appreciate a donation towards dog care expenses or your generous services as a volunteer or foster. 

Want to provide long-term help? Adopt a GSD or a dog of a different breed.

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