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Pawsome Pet Tags (An Owners Review)

Review of Pawsome Pet Tags



  • Durable
  • Scratchproof
  • Waterproof
  • Strong attachment
  • Readable fonts
  • Unlimited designs
  • Easy to clean
  • Cool funky styles


Reasonably priced considering the first-class materials used. Pawsome Pet Tags are made with a unique “print and dome” method using stainless steel and covered with a durable protective resin barrier.

Comfort & Safety


  • Lightweight (perfect for small pooches)
  • Won’t chip so rough edges don’t get caught on branches
  • Loads of text space for your ID
  • Won’t fade so details remain visible
  • Won’t snap off the collar

What I Like

Knowing my dog is safe and comfy.
The quality and aesthetics of the tag.
A high-end product with a reasonable cost.
Free shipping over £25. International shipping is available.

What I Don’t Like

Tags are only available in one size. The tag might seem a little small if you have a giant breed.

Summary: Pawsome Pet Tags are the best durable and scratch-resistant tags. However, before purchasing these dog name tags, you should know some things, so I put this Pawsome Pet Tag review together.

Having a German Shepherd with a super high prey drive where squirrels and rabbits are concerned, I want to help you prevent the unthinkable of losing your best friend due to a name tag that is no longer readable or even worse, has become detached from the collar.

Enhancing your dog’s protection and ensuring you never lose him means you can relish those off-leash walks and squirrel chases together forever. Not only that but you get the best of both worlds as Pawsome Pet Tags are both stylish and durable.

From £9.99

Pawsome Pet Tags Review

How many dog name tags have you bought for your pet over the years? If you’re anything like me, I’ve spent hours trying to find the latest durable dog name tag for my German Shepherd that doesn’t scratch or the engraving doesn’t become worn and unreadable.

So, before you go out and buy another dog name tag, ask yourself how serious you are about finding a dog tag that is long-lasting, waterproof, easy to clean, and comes with a strong attachment so you don’t lose yet another tag.

Moreso, if you have an active dog like mine who likes to chase rabbits and squirrels into the trees and undergrowth and re-appears minutes later, minus yet another name tag!

Pawsome Pet Tags are well-known for producing dog name tags that won’t scratch or chip, will last forever, and are funky and fun.

In this brand-new review, I will examine Pawsome Pet Tags, particularly their effectiveness, price, comfort, and safety. Let’s get to it!

Pawsome Pet Tags Review
My German Shepherd Willow wearing her Pawsome pet tag

Who Are Pawsome Pet Tags?

Pawsome Pet Tags make name tags for dogs and cats. They are fun, bright, funky, and handmade by sisters Hannah and Scarlett, who aim to become one of the leading suppliers of dog name tags.

So, how are their products unique compared to other dog name tags, you may wonder?

Pawsome Pet Tags use materials and a manufacturing process unique to the dog name tag market. Their “print and dome” method, passed down from their Grandfather, is traditionally used in the motor industry. They harnessed this method to provide pet owners with top-quality scratchproof tags.

Their personalized dog tags are bright, bold, and endless in design, so they look great and are incredibly durable. The name tags are perfect for dogs with a crazy prey drive or those who love to rip through bushes and always seem to scratch their tag or get it tangled on something and subsequently lose it.

Pawsome Pet Tags will not fade, so your essential identification text is always readable.

Why I Like Pawsome Pet Tags

Ultimately, I want to educate dog owners on why it is crucial to consider the quality of Pawsome Pet Tags.

I’ve always historically chosen an engraved dog tag, but I’ve lost them so many times because of their lousy attachments. Or the engraving becomes so scratched and worn that you can no longer read the important identification details. You can buy reinforced engraving; however, these can be expensive.

I then discovered printed name tags and a quick Google search took me to Pawsome Pet Tags.

Here is a snapshot of the main features of Pawsome Pet Tags:

  • Unlimited designs. Unlike engraved dog name tags, there are endless designs and various fonts, allowing you to choose a unique tag for your pet.
  • Durable. The tags are made from a stainless steel disc coated in a tough automotive-grade resin, so they’ll last forever and won’t chip.
  • Scratchproof. Unlike engraved dog tags, they won’t scratch, no matter how many bushes your pet runs through.
  • Waterproof. Great if you have a Retriever who loves to swim or a puddle-dipper! Pawsome Pet Tags are waterproof and will remain rust-free.
  • Strong attachment. These tags come with three strong split ring attachments to secure your dog’s collar. Trigger hook attachments are also available for 50 pence.
  • Readable fonts. Ensures your contact details are precise.
  • Easy to clean. Simply use warm water and wipe with a cloth.
  • Cool funky designs. The manufacturing process allows the creation of trendy dog tags that you can personalize to suit your pet.
  • Tags for dog walkers. Create custom dog tags for your dog walking business, add your company logo, etc. The choice is endless.

So, how durable are Pawsome Pet Tags?

If you check out the below photo of my dog’s old engraved name tag (that she only had for 18 months), you can see how worn, cracked, rusty, and shabby it had become. The engraving on the rear became all scratched and worn, too. In contrast, look at the top quality of Pawsome’s printed dog tag.

Pawsome Pet Tags
Pawsome Pet Tag vs. engraved dog name tag

Are Pawsome Pet Tags Worth It?

No dog name tag review would be complete without discussing the price.

Pawsome Pet Tags prices start from only £9.99.

These dog name tags are worth every penny as you only need to buy them once as they will last forever. In other words, they are an excellent buy for the quality of materials used.

And, if it helps to prevent losing your best friend, especially during squirrel chasing season, then it’s an investment worth having!

Check out Willow in the below photo showing off her tag. How cool does she look?

Willow Wearing Pawsome Name Tag

Are Pawsome Pet Tags Right for You?

If you have an active dog and you’re always uneasy at the thought of losing your bestie while off-leash, Pawsome Pet Tags will put your mind at ease.

If you also want a custom-made dog name tag that looks super cool and anything but boring, look no further than this product.

On the contrary, if you want a dog name tag with limited design options, text, colors, and a tag that scratches and becomes rusty, choose a traditional engraved metal tag.

Where Can I Buy Pawsome Pet Tags?

You can buy Pawsome Pet Tags direct from their website. Delivery is free for orders over £25, and international shipping is available.

All dog name tags are dispatched with personal packaging using environmentally friendly recyclable materials.

Final Thoughts

To conclude the Pawsome Pet Tags review, I give the Pawsome Pet Tags a huge thumbs up, and Willow gives it a perfect paw up!

The tag looks fantastic on my German Shepherd, and my dog loves it as it’s so lightweight and far less cumbersome than her old heavy engraved tag.

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