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Top 4 German Shepherd Rescues in Indiana

Last Updated: December 10, 2023

Are you considering fostering or adopting at a German Shepherd rescue in Indiana?

Well, we have good news for you!

Indiana is one of the US states with a few rescues dedicated solely to German Shepherds and other all-breed rescues that welcome dogs of the breed. We explored the best ones for you.

Here are the top 4 German Shepherd rescues in Indiana:

  • German Shepherd Rescue Indy
  • Redemption German Shepherd Rescue
  • Indiana GSD & Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc.
  • Furever We Love Dog Rescue

You will find details about these German Shepherd Rescues in the rest of the article, including their unique mission and how you can help a GSD in need. Keep reading!

German Shepherd Rescue Indiana

German Shepherd Rescues in Indiana

From our experience, three rescues in a single state dedicated exclusively to German Shepherds is a top-tier performance. That is the case of Indiana, as you will discover in the list of rescues discussed below.

1. German Shepherd Rescue Indy

German Shepherd Rescue Indy is a charity organization in Indianapolis that saves GSDs listed for euthanasia or categorized as ‘rescue only’ in shelters. The Rescue does not accept German Shepherds surrendered by their owners.

History and Uniqueness

German Shepherd Rescue Indy is a Rescue and Sanctuary founded by Amber Marks in 2011. Being a rescue and sanctuary means the dogs are kept there for the rest of their life, but some may be available for adoption. 

After 6 years of volunteering in dog shelters, the founder realized that many German Shepherds ended up in shelters because their owners did not appreciate their breed characteristics. So, they gave up their dogs believing they were aggressive or had other behavior problems.

At the Rescue and Sanctuary, German Shepherds are free to run and play in open spaces. This freedom makes them bring out their best temperament. 

Amber works full-time at the Rescue, while volunteers sometimes offer their services to clean kennels or walk dogs. The Rescue runs primarily on donations.

Kennelled GSD

Adopting a German Shepherd from the Rescue 

The process and conditions for adopting a GSD from GSD Rescue Indy are very demanding. This is to ensure that prospective adopters are serious about providing the right care to the GSD post-adoption. 

As such, you MUST meet the following requirements to qualify for adoption:

  • Have prior experience with the breed as a past or present German Shepherd dog owner.
  • Have a fenced yard without an underground electric fence.
  • Be a resident in Indianapolis, at most 100 miles from the town.
  • Live in a single-dwelling house and not an apartment or condo.
  • You should not have small-sized pets or young children. 

If you meet these conditions, you can proceed with the request for adoption by completing an online adoption form.

Management at the Rescue follows up on the rest of the adoption process once your application is accepted. 

You can learn more about German Shepherd Rescue Indy by watching their touching video below:

Alternatively, you can visit their website:, or make inquiries by sending an email to [email protected].

2. Redemption German Shepherd Rescue

Redemption German Shepherd Rescue is in Kouts, Indiana. It was registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2014. 

Since then, personnel at the Rescue have dedicated time and resources to “healing broken hearts, one paw at a time.”

How the Rescue Works

Redemption German Shepherd rescues dogs from all parts of the country. The dogs are placed in foster homes and observed to understand their personality and needs. 

Board members, fosters, and volunteers at the Rescue determine when a dog is ready to live with a new family. Only then is the GSD made available for adoption.

The Rescue gives priority to adult and senior Germans Shepherds and takes care of their well-being until they can find a forever home.

How You Can Help

Redemption German Shepherd Rescue relies on donations to provide quality care to rescued dogs. 

As such, you can collaborate with the Rescue by donating or through one of the following ways:

  • Become a foster, volunteer, or adoption counselor.
  • Offer transportation services for the dogs.
  • Volunteer time to work on the Rescue’s digital platforms.
  • Organize fundraisers.
  • Adopt a German Shepherd.

Adopting a German Shepherd from Redemption Rescue commences with filling out an application form. A volunteer counselor will contact you to inform you about the next steps in the adoption process. 

If you want additional info about German Shepherds at the Rescue, you can chat with a volunteer directly from their homepage:

You can also write an email to [email protected] or a snail mail to PO Box 158 Kouts, IN 46347.

German Shepherd in a Kennel Needs Rescuing

3. Indiana GSD & Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc.

As the name indicates, the IGSDSH Rescue initially started to save German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies from kill shelters.

The Rescue is another charitable organization in Indiana that takes dogs only from shelters, not from surrendering owners. 

The non-profit organization started in 2012 and has its headquarters in Quincy.

Changing the Plight of GSDs and Siberian Huskies

Dogs in shelters often live in extreme conditions, such as overcrowding and open outdoor kennels. Indiana GSD & Siberian Husky Rescue replaces these conditions by rehoming the dogs into forever homes where they live indoors, surrounded by love and care.

The Rescue insists on adopting their dogs to owners who are sure they want to keep them forever, even if the dogs experience problems after adoption.

To ensure this, the Rescue requires all adopters to enroll their dog for basic training and socialization within 6 months after the adoption.

Collaborating with the Rescue 

IGSDSH Rescue relies on donations to give the best care to homeless dogs. You can be part of the mission by making monetary donations or through their Amazon wish list.

You could also become a foster, volunteer, or adopter.

To adopt a German Shepherd, you will complete an online application form. Once the application is accepted, volunteers at the Rescue make an unexpected visit to your home to establish its suitability. Having a fenced home is among the requirements the volunteers will be looking for. 

Only those approved for adoption are allowed to meet the dogs.

You can get more information about how to help the Rescue on their website,, or by joining their vast Facebook following.

If you prefer a more direct encounter, call the Rescue at +1 765-712-0421 or [email protected].

White German Shepherd with a branch. Are White German Shepherds Rare?

4. Furever We Love Dog Rescue

Furever We Love is a dog rescue in Indianapolis initiated by a volunteer couple in 2019. We included it as a top German Shepherd rescue in Indiana because of its unique dog-rescuing mission.

Furever We Love Special Mission 

​When a dog owner passes on or cannot provide care for their dog due to illness, the pet can end up on the streets or in a shelter. 

Furever We Love Dog Rescue has specialized in such cases. 

Their mission is to find forever homes for dogs whose owners are chronically ill, in a nursing home, placed into assisted living, or have passed on. 

Volunteers at the Rescue work tirelessly to ensure the dogs are physically and emotionally healthy before they are rehomed.

The primary focus of the Rescue is to keep the dogs with their owner as long as they can. In the meantime, the Rescue works hard to find a new home for the dog. 

Should the owner be unable to provide care for the dog at some point, the pet is placed in a foster home which serves as a transitional shelter.

Collaborating with Furever We Love Rescue

Apart from fostering, you can be part of Furever We Love Rescue mission by:

  • Making donations
  • Becoming a volunteer
  • Adopting a dog

Adopting a German Shepherd follows the same process as adopting any dog. You begin by filling out an adoption questionnaire. 

Consequently, the Rescue personnel will follow up on the process to confirm vet references and your landlord’s consent to keep a dog. 

Once they identify the right match, you will sign an adoption agreement and bring home your pet.

You can find more info about Furever We Love Rescue on their web page, You could also visit the Rescue at Indianapolis, IN 46224, call 765-410-0206, or email [email protected].

German Shepherd Dog Clubs in Indiana

German Shepherd dog clubs exist to educate about the behavior, health, and care of dogs of the breed. Further, the clubs also serve as a reference when organizing fun days for both dogs and owners in a particular location. 

But GSD clubs can also be a place where you learn about the best dog rescues. 

If you desire to join one for this purpose, we recommend the German Shepherd Dog Association of Central Indiana

You can visit their website for more info.

Helpful German Shepherd Articles

If you are thinking about rescuing a German Shepherd but are not sure if it is the right breed for your family, these articles provide valuable information and insights about the breed. They can help you make an informed decision and improve a dog’s life.

Closing Thoughts

If you could read their minds, homeless German Shepherds continuously hope that a good friend like you would turn up and take them home forever. 

Working with a German Shepherd rescue in Indiana can fulfill their wish. 

We hope our list of the best German Shepherd rescues in Indiana provides an initial reference for your encounter with a needy GSD.

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