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6 Top German Shepherd Rescues in Florida: Find Your GSD Today!

Last Updated: December 29, 2023

Are you looking for a German Shepherd rescue in Florida?

In this article, you’ll find the best German Shepherd rescues to adopt your new best friend, whether an adult or puppy.

Plus, you’ll also find:

  • Other resources to find rescue German Shepherd Dogs.
  • Tips for how to make German Shepherd parenthood as easy as possible.
  • And more…

Let’s dive in!

German Shepherd sitting on the grass

German Shepherd Rescues In Florida

Below is a list of German Shepherd rescues in Florida, their location, and their websites. These rescues will be helpful in your quest to adopt a German Shepherd:

1. Southwest Florida German Shepherd Rescue

Location: Punta Gorda, Florida


Phone number: 941 740 0074

Southwest Florida German Shepherd Rescue was founded by the Hoffer Family Foundation in 2007, and to date, they have found forever homes for over 1500 dogs. Their dogs come from local shelters or directly from owners.

This German Shepherd rescue has a vital mission. They aim to give all dogs a “positive environment, healthy food, medical attention, socialization, and lots of love” to find their new families in local communities and throughout the state of Florida.

They prefer potential adopters who previously owned a GSD and understand the breed. As part of the adoption process, applicants must believe in good dog training and care and be able to invest the time and resources necessary to train and socialize the dog properly.

Sable German Shepherd holding a ball in mouth

2. K9 Services German Shepherd Rescue

Location: Green Cove Springs, Florida


K9 Services German Shepherd Rescue is another well-established Floridian rescue, founded in 2005. Their mission is plain and simple – to re-home, foster, and rehabilitate as many adult dogs or puppies from shelters or surrendered from owners as possible.

The founder, Nila Walden-Hughes, was inspired to set up the rescue following the sudden passing of her beloved four-year-old German Shepherd Dog.

She has given her life to dogs and has always loved GSDs since she was a young child as her visually impaired Grandparents raised her, and she grew up with guide dogs, mainly German Shepherds.

She is a certified dog behavior consultant and canine trainer. After working in shelters for many years, she has an infectious passion for finding “forever homes” for all rescued German Shepherds in the state of Florida.

All rescue dogs are thoroughly vetted and trained in obedience before new owners are matched and the dogs placed with their new families. The rescues are adopted as companions, working Service K9s, Police, Search and Rescue, or Emotional Support dogs.

Additionally, K9 Services German Shepherd Rescue has a quest to teach people about the breed’s exceptional nobility, intellect, and loyalty and educate people about the breed in general to prevent re-homing.

3. Daytona Beach German Shepherd Rescue

Location: Daytona Beach, Florida


Daytona Beach German Shepherd Rescue was established in 2013. They work out of the Daytona Beach and Jacksonville areas.

They aim to rescue as many homeless German Shepherds as possible by rehabilitating them and finding approved families or individuals.

They adopt German Shepherd Dogs to support their volunteers and rescue representatives. Primarily, they focus on Cocoa Beach, Palm Coast, Titusville, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Orlando, and Jacksonville areas.

Daytona Beach German Shepherd Rescue is a foster home-based organization. They can only rescue a dog from a shelter or an individual once they have found a foster home where the dog can safely live while waiting for a permanent adoption.

The foster home is frequently a lifesaver for the rescue. You can apply to foster a German Shepherd Dog in need via their website.

Two German Shepherds Playing in snow

4. Dreamcatcher German Shepherd Rescue

Location: Orlando, Florida


Phone number: 407-568-5468

Dreamcatcher German Shepherd Rescue has been operating since 2011. They are committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and careful re-homing of lost, abandoned, homeless German Shepherd Dogs to loving homes in Florida.

All rescues (adults and puppies) are adopted as indoor family pets, and Dreamcatcher German Shepherd Rescue will not allow dogs to be used as guard dogs or farm dogs.

5. Shepherd Help And Rescue Effort

Location: Boca Raton, Florida


Phone number: 844-847-1250

Shepherd Help And Rescue Effort (S.H.A.R.E.) was formed in 2012. They aim is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place German Shepherds in loving homes throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties.

They work tirelessly to save these majestic dogs from high-kill shelters around South Florida.

Many of the dogs they save are on their way to being euthanized or have medical conditions that require attention (such as heartworm disease or orthopedic issues from traumatic injuries).

This German Shepherd rescue relies entirely on volunteers who offer their time, money, and expertise to rescue German Shepherds. Their adoption process seeks to match the temperaments and needs of rescued dogs to those of potential adopters. 

They are always looking for foster homes to give rescued German Shepherd Dogs the love, understanding, care, socialization, and exercise they need to leave their past behind and look forward to a new life in a new loving home. 

6. Rescue Rebels

GSDs inside a car
“Come on! We’re outta here!”

Location: Delray Beach, Florida


Phone Number: 954-416-0690

Rescue Rebels is a foster-based rescue helping German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes in Palm Beach County, Brevard County, Orange County, and Lake County areas of Florida. They started as a fundraising company for other rescues in 2015 and a year later became their own rescue.  

Rescue Rebels’ primary mission is to provide a greater and improved life, fundamentally a “second chance” for pets left at shelters, surrendered by their owners, or who have been abused or neglected.

Through Rescue Rebels, companion animals are rescued, provided the physical care needed, spayed or neutered, and provided with behavioral guidance, socialization, and training where necessary.  

Fosters are an integral part of their organization, and they’re always on the lookout for new volunteers.

They have an amazing recent story of a rescued GSD named Hannah from Orange County Animal Services.

She had a host of issues, one being blind due to cataracts from untreated advanced diabetes, yet Rescue Rebels were able to gift her the gift of sight. You can read about her remarkable transformation here.

Florida German Shepherd Clubs

Keeping pace with local German Shepherd clubs could also be an excellent idea for you on your journey to adopt and raise a rescue German Shepherd.

It’s an opportunity to meet other like-minded German Shepherd owners, get referrals for service providers like trainers, groomers, vets, and pet-sitters, and attend or participate in local events.

Here are 3 German Shepherd clubs in the state of Florida and their websites:

German Shepherd Dog Club of North
Treasure Coast German Shepherd Dog
Gulf Coast Schutzhund
GSD clubs in Florida


What is the average cost of adopting a German Shepherd?

The average cost to adopt a German Shepherd can vary greatly depending on various factors. If you are adopting a German Shepherd from a shelter or rescue organization, the cost of adoption will typically range from $100 to $400. This cost usually includes the cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchipping.

How can I prepare my home for a newly adopted German Shepherd?

When preparing your home for a new German Shepherd, you must create a safe and comfortable space for them. This can include setting up a designated area for their bed and toys and securing potential hazards like loose wires or toxic plants.

Ensure you establish a routine for your new dog to help them adjust to their new environment and feel more secure.

How can I help my newly adopted German Shepherd adjust to their new environment?

To help a newly adopted German Shepherd adjust to their new home, ensure they have a comfy space, such as a crate or bed, introduce them to family members and pets slowly, establish a routine, and give them time to settle in at their own pace. Positive reinforcement and love can help them feel welcome and secure.

Helpful German Shepherd Articles

If you’re on the fence about rescuing a German Shepherd, or if you need more information, these articles can help:

Are you considering moving to nearby Alabama, or do you want to search for a rescue GSD further afield?

Look no further than German Shepherd Rescues in Alabama.

Final Thoughts

I love that you’re considering adopting a rescue German Shepherd.

Although I’m biased, German Shepherds are the best dogs in the world and have lots of love to share. They are very protective, intelligent, affectionate, and loyal.

Watch out, though, as they will even follow you to the bathroom! They shed a lot and need lots of exercise and stimulation, so ensure this breed is right for you.

Hey! Are you looking for a German Shepherd rescue countrywide? Check out this article, 45 Top German Shepherd Rescues In The US.

Sharon Waddington
Sharon Waddington is the founder of World of Dogz. With over 30 years of experience working with dogs, this former Police Officer has seen it all. But it’s her trusty German Shepherd, Willow, who steals the show as the inspiration behind this website. As Sharon’s constant companion Willow has played a pivotal role in shaping her passion for dogs. Recently, Sharon has become deeply passionate about the plight of rescue dogs and is an active advocate for dog rescue, striving to make a difference in the lives of dogs in need.

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