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Best Dog Tech for German Shepherds: 5 Gadgets for an Easier Life!

There are some pretty cool high-tech gadgets for dogs you can buy with the ultimate aim of making your life easier. These range from dog GPS trackers and treat-tossing pet cameras to canine shower stalls and pet drinking fountains.

Just like human technology, dog technology continues to quickly evolve.

Below are my favorite picks of the best dog tech for German Shepherds. They are items that I either use or plan to get. If the gear is something that’s been highly recommended to me, I’ve thoroughly checked it out, and I’m more than happy to endorse it on my website.

As always, these gadgets all get excellent reviews on Amazon with thousands of satisfied customers.

Young German Shepherds. Best Dog Tech for German Shepherds
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Petsafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog Water Fountain

Pet fountains allow your dog to have constant fresh, filtered water all day long to keep him healthy and happy. Many dogs love to drink running water – there’s no need to keep changing your dog’s water bowl every couple of hours!

They are instrumental during the hot summer months as the stream of flowing water entices your German Shepherd to drink more, preventing dehydration. They also help if your dog is unwell, as the fountain will encourage him to drink.

The best dog water fountain for German Shepherds is the Petsafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog Fountain from Amazon. It has an effortless two-tiered design and is just made for convenience.

I really like this one as the large size means no sloppy spillages all over your floor! It’s just perfect for a large breed such as the German Shepherd or if you have more than one pet.

What I Like:

  • Two-tiered design
  • Ideal for seniors or arthritic pets
  • 100-oz water capacity perfect for multi-pet households
  • Filtered water, replaceable carbon filter removes bad tastes and odors
  • Large open bowl design to minimize spillages
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Owning a high-tech pet camera can give you peace of mind when you are away from your German Shepherd. Being able to see and interact with your dog is a truly amazing thing. Some dog cameras can even toss out treats to your dog. How cool is that!

The best pet camera for German Shepherds is the Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera. This dog camera is also a fun treat dispenser. Petcube Bites 2 goes one step further as you can even tell Alexa when to toss out a treat!

Although it has many features similar to the popular Furbo Dog Camera, I prefer this as I find the design more appealing. Unlike the Furbo, you can also wall-mount the Petcube for a better view and greater stability.

You can also use the Petcube app to schedule when to dispense treats, but I think I’d rather see what my girl was up to before flinging her a biscuit!

Although this is a great gadget to have when leaving your German Shepherd, you must never leave your dog alone for more than four hours – and even less for puppies. You can learn more about this in my guilt-free guide to leaving your German Shepherd.

What I Like:

  • High-quality 2-way audio
  • 1080 full HD video and night vision
  • 160° wide-angle view and see up close with 4 x zoom
  • Supports 2. 4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi connections
  • Treats can be tossed various distances or scheduled via the free Petcube app
  • Built-in Alexa assistant
  • Smart sound and motion alerts to notify you when your dog is active (optional subscription required)

The 160° wide-angle lens allows for greater coverage so you can get the best view of your German Shepherd. It works best with dry crunchy dog biscuits such as Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats, and I happen to recommend these in my article, 10 Best Treats for German Shepherds.

As with most hi-tech pet cameras, the Petcube Bites 2 is available with an optional subscription membership. The main features include bark and motion detection to alert you when your German Shepherd is barking or if a person enters the room, 90 days of video history, and automatic video recording.

Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Okay, this is one thing that’s definitely on my wish list! I’d love a robot vacuum that could help me with my cleaning duties. My German Shepherd constantly sheds, and no matter how much I brush and de-shed her, there always seems to be tons of fur flying around the house!

Finding the best pet robot vacuum for pet hair can be quite difficult as you need to find one that works well, offers the features you need and is affordable. However, in my view, if you’re going to invest a few hundred dollars in a robot vacuum, you might as well save up a bit more for the best out there. That way, you won’t be disappointed.

The best pet robot vacuum for German Shepherds is the Roborock S6 MaxV. It has been recommended to me as it’s specifically built for pets. It has great suction power and advanced obstacle avoidance technology that recognizes stuff left on the floor and expertly steers around them, such as your dog’s chew toys and balls or even your slippers!

This really is a top-of-the-range model that has all the latest hi-tech features. However, I make no bones about it in that it’s an expensive gadget to buy.

What I Like:

  • 2500Pa powerful suction to capture fine dust and hairs from floors and reach deeper into carpets
  • Powered by twin cameras that recognize and avoid everyday objects 
  • Precision navigation using AI technology
  • 180 minutes runtime using a lithium-ion battery
  • Smart top-up allows the vacuum to recharge to finish a large clean
  • Work with Alexa
  • App and voice control to set schedules and clean specific rooms
  • Intelligent mopping
  • Washable HEPA-Type Filter

There are some less expensive Roborock models, but if you don’t want to compromise on performance, make sure you do your research if you opt for a cheaper one. For example, the S6 MaxV also has a washable HEPA filter, a must-have feature if you suffer from allergies.

Whistle GO Explore GPS Dog Tracker

The primary reason for having a GPS dog tracker is clear – so you know your dog’s location at all times. They are great if your German Shepherd tends to be an escape artist or likes to chase deer and squirrels like my dog in the below photo! If only I’d had a dog GPS tracker on this walk as it would have saved me lots of time and stress!

German Shepherd chasing a squirrel. Best Dog GPS Tracker for German Shepherds. Best Dog Tech for German Shepherds
My German Shepherd Willow chasing a squirrel up a tree!

German Shepherds are known to have a high prey drive due to their ancestry as herding dogs. This is a natural trait in the GSD, and the desire to chase can be overwhelming. Enter the pet GPS tracker!

The best dog GPS tracker collar for your German Shepherd is the Whistle GO Explore. This cool little gadget also doubles up as an activity tracker and can even monitor certain aspects of your dog’s behavior, such as licking, scratching, and time spent sleeping.

I love the clean-looking design of this dog tracker which is available in three colors, lime green, bright pink, or grey.

The Whistle GO Explore will attach to any collar. However, you can purchase a separate Whistle GO collar, and they are reasonably priced with a range of funky styles and colors to choose from.

What I Like:

  • Pet alerts by email, text, or app to notify you of a sneaky escape.
  • Real-time location tracking using the AT&T network and Google Maps.
  • Activity tracking to monitor calories burned, distance traveled, and minutes active based on breed, age, and weight.
  • Health monitoring by a weekly health report that monitors any changes in your dog.
  • Night light for night-time walks that you can activate by the app.
  • Long-lasting battery – up to 10 days for hi-energy dogs such as the GSD.

Remember, GPS dog trackers require a subscription to a cellular network. The Whistle GO Explore uses AT&T, and a 2-year plan works out at approximately $7 per month.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Does your German Shepherd never tire from playing fetch, even though your arm certainly does? If this is you, then an automatic ball launcher might be the answer to your problem.

The best ball-launching gadget for German Shepherds is the iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher which automatically throws out tennis balls to either 10, 25, or 40 feet, depending on how you set it.

I love this awesome gadget as it’s just great fun to watch your GSD enjoying himself chasing the balls. You can even teach your dog to refill the launcher!

What I Like:

  • Preset settings to launch balls to 10, 25, or 40 feet
  • The option of a random distance setting to keep your dog guessing how far the ball will launch
  • Rechargeable battery that will last for over 300 launches!
  • Includes 3 standard-sized tennis balls
  • You can use it indoors on the minimum setting of 10 feet
  • Additional balls can be purchased, although you can use any ball that’s 2.5 inches in diameter

It is a bit pricey, though, so if you’re looking for something less expensive, check out the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster. This innovative ball launcher fires out a tennis ball with the press of the trigger up to 50 feet! You can easily alter the distance of your shots and adapt to any setting, whether it’s a large park or a small garden, with adjustable power.

Final Thoughts

I’m always amazed at how technology continues to improve year on year, and now that also includes tech for our dogs! There’s always some new invention or upgrades to the best gadgets already out there. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track.

I hope you’ve found these best dog tech products I’ve recommended to be super helpful in making life somewhat easier with your German Shepherd. Ultimately you can now enjoy more time with your dog with a lot less effort.


  • Sharon Waddington

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