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Can a German Shepherd Mate with a Yorkie?

Last Updated: December 10, 2023

When you picture the large presence of the German Shepherd breed, you don’t necessarily imagine that combined with a Yorkie dog. Although some breeders are choosing to mate the German Shepherd and Yorkshire Terrier, it is a relatively new breed with little research done on the congenital defects and long-term health implications. 

A healthy female German Shepherd can technically be mated with a Yorkie; however, it’s not recommended to mate these two breeds together based on their completely opposite ends of the size spectrum. There is not enough research done yet, and owners report physical ailments in this crossbreed.  

There are healthier recommendations for other breeds to mate with each of these purebreds, and we should focus on safer alternatives that have been well-researched. Cuteness should not be the only factor as you must consider the quality of life for the pets.

Before breeders consider mating a German Shepherd with a Yorkie, they should contemplate the long-term health effects of these unmatched canines and not only likely costing the new owners significant expenses in vet fees, but immense pain and true heartache.

This article will explore whether a German Shepherd can mate with a Yorkie, all about the German Shepherd Yorkie mix, safer breeds to mate with either the GSD or the Yorkshire Terrier, and tips when adopting.

A German Shepherd sitting next to a Yorkshire Terrier. Can a German Shepherd Mate with a Yorkshire Terrier?

Let’s get started!

Can a German Shepherd Mate With a Yorkie?

German Shepherd Yorkie Mix – When Big Meets Little!

Since not much is yet known about the German Shepherd Yorkie Mix (German Yorkie Shepherd) when crossing these two breeds, the risks become significantly higher. Many breeding experts avoid breeding dogs on such opposite ends of the size spectrum. Here are the reasons for this:

  • They are so different
  • It is unnatural
  • They do not mesh well

Breeding experts realize the lack of stability in research, safety, as well as the unpredictable nature of long-term effects. Little is known about the temperament and health risks in this crossbreed. 

If You Must – Use a Yorkie Male / German Shepherd Female 

What science has proven is that if you left a male German Shepherd alone with a female Yorkie in heat, the male would likely try to impregnate the Yorkie, despite their difference in size. This is due to the strong sexual desire of the male Shepherd. Nevertheless, this is extremely risky and dangerous:

“There are situations where it may seem apparent – even without any specialist knowledge – that the size discrepancy is too extreme and could even cause lethal bleeding.”

Breeding Business

Even if the dogs got this far – Yorkie females CANNOT carry a German Shepherd litter to full term.

This will no doubt prove fatal for the female Yorkie who will not make it to her due date. It is incredibly unethical to mate these two together and you must NOT use a Yorkie as the female/mother.

The mother’s uterus is only so big and the puppies will rip the female Yorkie from the inside out in a very excruciating and unethical death. Unfortunately, there’s no nicer way to explain it!

Again, I do not recommend or advise anyone to mate these two together regardless, but if you must, use a female German Shepherd and a male Yorkie. However, as the male is much smaller than the female, in this case, a helping hand or artificial insemination may be required.

Mating a female GSD with a male Yorkshire Terrier is the only methodology by which the litter may make it to full term.

If you own both of these two breeds and are worried about them mating – it is recommended that you get both your pets neutered or spayed. 

If a smaller crossbred German Shepherd is really your thing, there are better breeds than the Yorkie to cross with the purebred GSD. Check out my article, Mini German Shepherd: Do They Exist? Info, Cost, and More! for some better ideas. We will look at the safest breeds to mate with both purebreds later in the article.

Please be aware that a miniature purebred German Shepherd does not exist. The only small purebred German Shepherd is a dog that is suffering from pituitary dwarfism due to a genetic deformity. These poor dogs have a short life expectancy due to numerous serious health issues such as cardiovascular problems, renal failure, and neurological issues, to name but a few.

About the German Shepherd Yorkie Mix

To offer some insight on this breed, (if it is safely carried by the female German Shepherd with a male Yorkie father and able to make it to full term), here are the details of this mixed crossbreed:

Physical Appearance

The German Shepherd and Yorkie mix will typically fall between the average weight of these two breeds, often around 20-50 pounds (the German Shephard weighing between 50-90 pounds, while Yorkies tend to weigh about 7-pounds). However, this can vary considerably.

German Shepherd lied down next to a Yorkie. Can a German Shepherd Mate with a Yorkie?

They can take on a combined fur texture, often offering a German Shepherd’s sleekness combined with the more fluffy-ears and softer characteristics of the Yorkie.

German Shepherds are well known as heavy shedders and although Yorkies are classed as non-shedding dogs, they are nevertheless high maintenance due to their coats that require regular grooming and trimming.


Personality is a difficult factor to measure because dogs can take after either of their parents and there are no guarantees as to which traits the pup will have. 

Since there is no way to know about behavioral conditions that could evolve over time, it is difficult to pinpoint the personality of a cross at first-generation compared to a purebred. 

You may end up with any combination of these typical traits: 

German Shepherd Yorkie
German Shepherd vs. Yorkie Traits


Since breeders only started breeding these two in recent years, it is not known how long they will live for. Most ethical and reputable breeders avoid crossbreeds of such various sizes due to the long-term health implications that are increased by combining such different breeds.

Overall, purebreds live an average of 11-12 years, according to The Happy Puppy Site; however, crossing these two breeds could lead to a shorter lifespan than their respective purebreds – but there isn’t the science or sufficient data to evidence this.

German Shepherds live an average of 11 years, while Yorkies live an average of 12.5 years old (with smaller dogs often living much longer than larger dogs). The life expectancy could fall somewhere between these ranges. 

Nonetheless, the more significant issue is health concerns while they are living. The typical health issues of each breed that you are combining are: 

German Shepherd Yorkie
Hip dysplasiaProgressive renal atrophy (PRA)
Elbow dysplasiaHip dysplasia
Bloat (GDV)Tracheal collapse
Pancreatic acinar atrophy (PAA)Congenital Portosystemic Shunt
Exocrine Pancreatic InsufficiencyLeg-Calve-Perthes (hip issues)
Degenerative MyelopathyPatellar Luxation
German Shepherd vs. Yorkie Health Concerns

If you crossbreed the German Shepherd with the Yorkie, you are risking passing these health issues onto future generations rather than keeping the respective bloodlines pure and the way that nature intended. 

There are countless safer options for breeding that will still lead to an adorable pup, along with fewer health issues and a longer life expectancy.

Safest Breeds to Mate with German Shepherds 

Many popular breed options pair safely with the German Shepherd to make adorable hybrids. These are:

  • Siberian Husky (Gerberian Shepsky)
  • Akita (Akita Shepherd)
  • Golden Retriever (Golden Shepherd)
  • Chow Chow (Chow Shepherd)
  • Rottweiler (Shepwieler)
  • Wolf Dog (Wolf Shepherd)
  • Pitbull (Shepherd Pit)
  • Labrador (Labshep)

You will notice that most of these are larger dogs that are similar to the German Shepherds size. 

Safest Breeds to Mate with Yorkies 

The safest breeds that pair nicely with Yorkies to make a loveable hybrid are:

  • Poodle (Yorkie Poo)
  • Bichon (Yorkichon)
  • Maltese (Morkie)
  • Pomeranian (Yorkipom) 
  • Cocker Spaniel (Corkie)
  • Jack Russell (Jorky) 
  • Shih Tzu (Shorkie) 
  • Pug (Pugshire) 

You will notice that most of these are smaller dogs that are similar to the Yorkshire Terrier’s petite size. 

If Adopting a German Shepherd Yorkie Mix

There are no distinguished breeders, shelters, or rescues for the German Shepherd Yorkie Mix. However, there are many reputable breeders you can buy from if you desire to have any of these two breeds. 

Please be certain that you are buying from an ethical and responsible breeder who has been established as reputable for some time.

Since there isn’t significant research done on this hybrid yet, no one can claim specifics on the health or temperament. You will want a breeder that looks at:

  • Health testing
  • Provides backgrounds of the parents
  • Clearly describes the health of each bloodline (not irresponsibly breeding sick canines that can lead to unhealthy future generations)

I found this really helpful PDF from The Humane Society of The United States on how to find a responsible dog breeder.

You will also want to avoid inhumane puppy mills that do not prioritize the well-being of the canines over profitability. These commercial dog-breeding facilities tend to breed in poor conditions and pups are often sick and unsocialized, and mothers are overbred and uncared for.

As stated, there are no specific breeders for this hybrid, but you can check out all breeding specialists for the German Shepherd Dog via the American Kennel Club Marketplace. Similarly, you can find the best breeders of Yorkshire Terriers here.

If your heart is set on finding and adopting a German Shepherd Yorkie Mix you may need to search countywide via Adopt a Pet. You can also search for shelters and rescues local to you.

Final Thoughts

It is not recommended to mate a German Shepherd with a Yorkie. With insufficient research done, some long-term health effects are already being discovered in this crossbreed.

It is unsafe and unethical to crossbreed these two canine breeds. There are so many safer alternatives to mate each breed with that will lead to a dog’s healthy and long life. I hope you will opt for one of these safer options and avoid mating canines of such disproportionate sizes or trying to adopt a German Shepherd Yorkie Mix.

Sharon Waddington
Sharon Waddington is the founder of World of Dogz. With over 30 years of experience working with dogs, this former Police Officer has seen it all. But it’s her trusty German Shepherd, Willow, who steals the show as the inspiration behind this website. As Sharon’s constant companion Willow has played a pivotal role in shaping her passion for dogs. Recently, Sharon has become deeply passionate about the plight of rescue dogs and is an active advocate for dog rescue, striving to make a difference in the lives of dogs in need.

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