Best Tough Dog Toys for German Shepherds: Simply Indestructible!

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Have you ever bought your German Shepherd a new toy to find that it didn’t even make it through the day? Plush dog toys and other soft toys are great when your dog is just a young pup, but once he starts to rip through these with his razor-sharp teeth, you need something just a bit more indestructible! So, what are the best tough dog toys for German Shepherds?

The best tough dog toys for German Shepherds are the KONG range as they are made from durable natural rubber and are virtually indestructible. There’s a wide variety to choose from, such as chew, interactive, tug, retrieve toys, and balls. If your GSD is a power-chewer, go for the KONG Extreme range.

In this article, I recommend just this one brand for the best tough dog toys for German Shepherds and tell you the three best ones from that brand. These are the toys that my GSD actually uses and that I have found good quality yet affordable!

German Shepherd Puppy in a crate with a tough Kong toy

The KONG variety of tough toys are by far the best for German Shepherds as they last forever! As there are so many different kinds to choose from, you can pick the specific type your dog prefers.

Check out the photo of my German Shepherd pup at 8-weeks old. The red rubber toy in her crate is a KONG Stuff-A-Ball.

This toy is still one of her favorites, and it’s been tough enough to withstand her teeth and chewing for over 5 years! She still plays with it to this very day.

Now that’s what I call indestructible!

Don’t get me wrong, I have tried a few other brands over the years, but I’ve never found anything as good as the KONG range.

These super tough toys keep my German Shepherd both entertained and mentally stimulated for hours, and we both get so much fun from them!

Top 3 Tough Kong Toys for German Shepherds

There are many great everlasting and unbreakable KONG toys to choose for your German Shepherd but below are my top three. You can check out the latest prices on Amazon, but it’s often cheaper to buy a bundle, so look out for these too!

KONG Stuff-A-Ball:

This tough little toy has numerous functions. It’s a long-lasting treat-dispensing toy that you fill with your German Shepherd’s favorite nibbles. It’s also a rubber ball that has a wild bounce due to its shape. This keeps your dog guessing which way it’s going to go when it hits the ground.

Finally, it promotes healthy chewing as the ball’s ridges are designed to keep your German Shepherd’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.

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KONG Jump’ N Jack Dental Dog Toy:

This toy not only has a crazy fun bounce for fetch and chase play but it’s also designed to withstand a strong chewing session! Like the Stuff-A-Ball above, you can also use it to fill with treats, peanut butter, or the variety of KONG Easy Treat pastes, and the ridges are also great for keeping teeth clean.

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KONG Flyer:

This is a frisbee made for fetching. It’s made from the same tough rubber, but it’s a little softer and more flexible that allows for safer catching to protect your GSDs teeth and gums. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the toughest frisbees out there, and I also use it in a game of Tug O’ War with my German Shepherd.

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Below is a photo of my German Shepherd showing off the same three KONG toys mentioned above. She is such a poser!

German Shepherd with a selection of KONG chew toys
My German Shepherd Willow with her favorite KONG toys

Why I Picked KONG Toys

Here’s why I chose KONG as having the best tough dog toys for German Shepherds:

  • KONG rubber toys are made to satisfy your dogs’ natural desire to chew and teach him correct chewing behavior. If your German Shepherd is a destructive chewer and is constantly gnawing on your furniture or slippers, these tough toys are a great way to redirect his bad habit.
  • KONG toys are available in four types of rubber depending on the life stage of your dog and chewing capabilities. The Puppy range is designed for pups up to 9 months old. The Classic range comes next and is great for average chewers, but don’t worry if your GSD turns out to be a power chewer and needs something more challenging, as he can go for the Extreme range. Finally, the Senior range has a softer rubber that protects aging teeth and gums. I found the Puppy range helpful when my GSD was teething before moving on to the red Classic range.
  • There is such a wide variety of KONG toys to keep forever your German Shepherd entertained and stimulated. Experts in canine care suggest you should rotate toys often to avoid habituation, which can lead them back to chewing stuff they’re not supposed to.
  • The KONG selection consists of chew toys and a wide range of play types that provide mental and physical stimulation. You can choose various retriever-type toys and balls, tug toys, and even toys for tough water play. As German Shepherds are one clever cookie, they love to keep their brain occupied, and the selection of puzzle toys and interactive toys will undoubtedly keep them amused.
  • These toys are super long-lasting. In my above example of the Stuff-A-Ball that is over five years old – and still going strong! They are also available in various sizes depending on your dog’s weight, but generally, adult German Shepherd’s either require the XL or XXL size. It’s recommended to size up to be extra safe.
  • As KONG toys are multi-functional, you can save money in the long run. There is no need to buy separate chew, treat-dispensing, or teeth cleaning toys as one KONG toy will do the job.
  • The tough rubber is easy to clean by soaking it in warm water and using either a bottle brush or toothbrush. I like to put gravy bone biscuits in my German Shepherd’s Stuff-A-Ball, but it can get quite dirty, especially if she plays with it in the yard! Cleaning is quick and easy, and the toys can also go in the dishwasher.
  • If your German Shepherd is prone to separation anxiety, KONG toys can help relieve his symptoms. They will keep him busy for hours, preventing boredom. They are also great for teething puppies, crate training, and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • KONG toys can help prevent poor behavior. Digging, whining, barking, rolling in the dirt, urine marking, etc., are all unwanted behavior problems, but these toys will keep him engaged and energized for longer.

KONG Extreme for the Toughest of Chewers

If your German Shepherd is determined to chew his way through the KONG Classic range, don’t worry, as there is the KONG Extreme range of toys that are designed for the toughest of chewers. These are the black ones.

They are made from the same natural rubber, only this time, even more durable. There is no such thing as a completely indestructible dog toy as that’s just a myth; however, this range comes as close as it gets!

The KONG Extreme Dog Toy is the most popular from this collection. It’s shaped like a snowman and is great for chewing and fun to play chase and fetch due to its random bounce.

This super tough toy is also great for stuffing with snacks and treats due to the hollow center, and like all KONG toys, it’s approved by veterinarians.

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KONG AirDog Squeaker – Great for Fetch!

KONG not only has the best tough dog toys for German Shepherds, but they also have the AirDog Squeaker range that my GSD loves. They are a fetch toy and are a combination of a tennis ball and a squeaker toy to entice play, although my girl doesn’t need any persuading when it comes to playtime!

German Shepherd with KONG balls
“I’m just keeping an eye on my KONG AirDog balls!”

The KONG AirDog range is made from fuzzy tennis material that is softer on your German Shepherd’s teeth when he is catching the ball. However, I keep these to one side just if my GSD is tempted to have a good chew on them!

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the best tough dog toys for your German Shepherd may seem a quick and easy job, but there are so many different brands, it can be hard to know where to start!

However, I hope you have found this article helpful as you now know the many reasons I picked the KONG brand, and you can see my German Shepherd actually using these toys.

You won’t find many negative reviews of the KONG range of dog toys online. However, when choosing stuff for your German Shepherd, you should always do your own research.

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