Best No Pull Harness for German Shepherds: My Pick!

Over the years, I’ve tried numerous so-called no pull dog harnesses for my German Shepherd. If only I knew at the time that dog harnesses were initially designed to give sled dogs more pulling power! So, what is the best no pull dog harness for German Shepherds?

The best no pull dog harness for German Shepherds is the “Walk Your Dog With Love” harness. It’s unlike other dog harnesses as it’s not rear-attached but leads your dog from the front! It gives you better steering and, therefore, greater control over your German Shepherd.

This is my review of the Walk Your Dog With Love no pull harness. Find out why it’s my favorite pick! Let’s get started.

German Shepherd wearing a no pull dog harness. Best No Pull Dog Harness for German Shepherds

The above photo is of my German Shepherd “Willow.” You can see exactly where her no pull dog harness attaches to her leash via the ring that is right by her lower chest area. It allows me to lead her from the front rather than a back clip harness that only promotes pulling.

Are No Pull Front Clip Harnesses Good for Dogs?

Front-clip harnesses are great for dogs as they reduce the amount a dog can pull. Consequently, they are the preferred choice of many dog trainers.

They give the owner more control over the movement of the dog and are especially suited to German Shepherds as the breed can sometimes be stubborn due to their dominant nature.

If we go back in history, humans soon realized that it was easier to lead large animals from the front, such as cattle, horses, and camels. They quickly worked out that this allowed far better steering and more control.

A traditional dog harness that’s attached to your German Shepherd’s back allows him to pull forward as it naturally encourages him to pull against the pressure. That’s why a pack of sled dogs use a variation of a traditional dog harness – it makes it easier for them to pull and spurs them to do so.

However, front clip harnesses do not encourage this instinctive pulling as the front strap sits low across the dog’s chest. Harnesses, such as the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness that attaches to the front of your German Shepherd cause him to walk by your side, and if he does try to pull, he will end up rotating towards you!

So, now I know why all the other harnesses I bought failed to prevent my German Shepherd from pulling!

I remember once purchasing an expensive Julius K-9 harness – just because I saw another German Shepherd wearing one, and I thought it looked super cool! However, my excitement didn’t last long as walking my GSD still ended up being yet another of Tug o’ War!

German Shepherd With No Pull Harness. Best No Pull Dog Harnesses for German Shepherds
“Willow” wearing her “Walk Your Dog With Love” no pull dog harness

Why I Picked the “Walk Your Dog With Love” No Pull Harness

While trying to find the best no pull dog harness for German Shepherds, I stumbled across the below 2-minute video. It’s presented by Dan Merson, the inventor of the Walk Your Dog With Love no pull dog harness.

I must admit, I did initially think what a strange name for a dog harness! However, the headline, “Dog Walks Just Got Easier! The World’s Best Dog Harness,” was enough to pique my interest…

The founder, Dan Merson, is also passionate about dogs not being walked by the neck, such as a choker, prong, pincher, or even a flat collar.

He describes how the risks of walking your dog from the neck include tracheal collapse, esophageal injury, soft cartilage damage, heightened anxiety, to name but a few.  

“Mother nature didn’t design the neck for walking with a collar or a choker.”

Walk Your Dog With Love

A recent study by Nottingham University, UK wished to establish whether pulling on the lead and the resulting pressure to the dog’s neck could cause neck injuries. A variety of collars were tested on a canine model using pressure sensors.

It was found that the pressure exerted would be sufficient to risk injury to the dog. The researchers stated that due to all types of collars posing some risk, dogs should be walked using a no pull harness or trained to walk on a loose lead without pulling.

Check out “Willow” below being steered from the front, allowing me full control. She is wearing her leather collar, but it is only to attach her ID tag. It’s impossible for her to pull, no matter how strong she is – and she is one big girl! This type of harness is, without doubt, the best no pull dog harness for large breeds.

German Shepherd wearing a Walk Your Dog With Love no pull dog harness.  Best No Pull Dog Harnesses for German Shepherds
“I hate this damn harness…I just can’t pull my Mom!”

Benefits of the “Walk Your Dog With Love” No Pull Harness

There are many advantages of front-attaching harnesses for dogs and there are many brands you can choose from. But here are the main reasons why I decided on the “Walk Your Dog With Love” harness for my German Shepherd:

  • No pull. As it’s not rear-attached like a conventional harness, your German Shepherd just can’t pull. When I first used it on my 88lb (40kg) German Shepherd and she tried to pull, she ended up doing what I would describe as a bunny hop. I would describe it as a small jump forward or pounce, but she was unable to go any further, other than pivot towards me!
  • No choke. As there is nothing around your German Shepherd’s throat, you can’t hurt or injure his neck area. Your dog is less likely to suffer from choking, coughing, or other discomforts.
  • More control. Because you lead your German Shepherd from the front, it means you have full control, just as horses and other animals are steered from the front. It naturally puts your GSD in the heel position whilst you take the lead!
  • Easy to fit. This no pull dog harness is so easy to fit, unlike other ones I’ve tried! You just put it over your German Shepherd’s head and click to fasten the buckle underneath the tummy. Simple! There’s only one buckle so there’s no confusion where everything is supposed to go and it’s super easy to take off.

Here are some other cool advantages of this harness:

  • Comfort. The harness is handcrafted with care in the USA and made from nylon webbing. This is not only super strong but extremely light and provides comfort for your German Shepherd protecting skin and preventing chaffing.
  • Practical. It has reflective material for walking in the dark so you will feel extra safe at night or early morning. It will not stretch, nor absorb water, and is easy to clean.
  • Style. There are 7 styles to choose including an all-in-one version with a built-in leash or a padded version if your German Shepherd has sensitive skin. You have the choice of various colors and there is an option to personalize the harness with your phone number and/or your GSD’s name which is embroidered on.   
  • Helpful video. There’s a really helpful video on how to fit and adjust the no pull harness although it’s so simple and easy to use, you probably won’t need it.
  • Escape proof. There’s no more worrying if your dog happens to be an escape artist! Because the strap is higher on the chest, your German Shepherd can’t slip out of it.
  • Reasonable prices. This no pull dog harness won’t break the bank – if only I had found it sooner! You can get the original harness for around $35.
  • Guarantee. There is a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee – for a whole year. The company is so confident in their product that they are happy to offer such a lengthy guarantee as they know it will not be abused or needed.
  • Chew replacement. A one-time courtesy program is offered where you can get a replacement harness at a discounted cost if you’ve been an idiot and allowed your German Shepherd to chew it! If your dog is a destructive chewer, here’s my top article on 16 ways on how to stop your German Shepherd from chewing.

So, What’s Bad About It?

If I had one criticism of this product, it wouldn’t be about the harness, as I just don’t have one! I’m just glad I eventually found the best no pull harness for my girl as my walks are now so much more enjoyable and fun. However, the website looks pretty basic and needs some love! Lol!

Final Thoughts

We all want the best for our German Shepherd and buying gear may seem pretty simple. But over the years, I’ve become quite picky when it comes to finding accessories for my German Shepherd as I’ve learned the most expensive or nice-looking is not necessarily the best!

When choosing what’s right for your dog, make sure you do your own thorough research. However, when you compare the many features of this harness to others, I’m sure you’ll find that it’s by far the best no pull harness on the market. Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to your dog taking you for a daily walk!

Sharon Waddington

I am the owner of World of Dogz. I have a 6-year-old female German Shepherd named "Willow," and I've worked with dogs for almost 30 years. I love spending time with my dog, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise of all things dogs on this site!

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