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21 Best German Shepherd Mixes in 2024 (With Pictures)

Last Updated: January 1, 2024

Welcome to the world of German Shepherd mixes, where the prowess of the classic German Shepherd meets the unique traits of other breeds, creating a tapestry of canine excellence.

In this article, we delve into the intricate details of the best German Shepherd crossbreed.

Each mix not only inherits the intelligence and loyalty of the German Shepherd but also brings its own set of characteristics to the table, offering a fascinating glimpse into the genetic symphony that shapes their temperaments, physical attributes, and adaptability.

Join us as we explore the most popular and beloved German Shepherd mixes and discover which hybrid might just steal your heart with its tailored blend of traits and talents.

A mixed breed German Shepherd

What Are the Best German Shepherd Mixes?

If you love crossbreeds, you probably wonder, “What is the best breed to mix with a German Shepherd?” The answers to that question can be as varied as the possibilities.

The best German Shepherd mixes include the Labrashepherd and the Shollie. These two make the cut because they both combine the best traits of their parents, and they are adorable.

Both mixes combine great personalities, obedience, and appearance.

Find out about the looks and best qualities of the best German Shepherd mixes in the rest of the article.

1. Labrashepherd 

Instagram: @jack_the_labrashepherd

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Labrador mix

Who wouldn’t want a hybrid dog that combines the qualities of America’s sweetheart and the most popular dog and the third most popular breed in 2020? 

Going by the theory that hybrid dogs or designer breeds bring out the best qualities of their parent breeds, you’ll get:

  • A large dog between 50-90 lbs (22.68-40.82 kg).
  • A good-looking dog with a solid color or a blend of the Labs black, chocolate, and yellow colors with the GSD’s varied coat colors.
  • A smart dog with the intelligence of the German Shepherd and the outgoing personality of the Lab.
  • An extremely affectionate and friendly dog like the parent breeds.

Be ready to get active, though, as both the German Shepherd and the Labrador are active, high-energy dogs, and the resulting Labrashepherd will require at least one to two hours of exercise daily.

2. Shollie 

Instagram: @reggie.the.shollie

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Border Collie mix

The most intelligent dog and the third most intelligent dog will undoubtedly make an extremely easy-to-train puppy. That makes the Shollie a good family dog, easy to housebreak, socialize, and train in obedience. 

Besides, the Shollie comes with the loyalty, affection, and energy of the parent breeds.

As a product of two herding dogs, you can expect the German Shepherd Collie mix to have the herding eye of the Collie and the alertness of the German Shepherd. 

Your small to medium-sized dog will undoubtedly come with a dose of aloofness towards strangers from both parents.

3. Golden Shepherd 

Golden Shepherd
Instagram: @astro_golden_shepherd

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Golden Retriever mix

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix combines two highly intelligent and popular breeds. The outcome can only be a smart and easy-to-train dog that takes from its parents.

The Golden Shepherd is a medium to large dog, around 55-90 lbs (24.95-40.82 kg), going by the parent breeds’ sizes.

You can expect the Golden Shepherd to have a beautiful coat inherited from a combination of one of the standard colors of the Golden Retriever (dark golden, golden, and light golden) and the varied coat colors of the German Shepherd.

4. Gerberian Shepsky

Gerberian Shepsky
Instagram: @luna.shepsky

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Husky mix

A puppy from two active and high-energy dogs will have to be energetic. You can expect your Gerberian Shepsky to be of medium size, considering the parent breeds can be anywhere between 20” and 26” (50.8 and 66.04 cm) and 35 and 90 lbs (15.88 and 40.82kg).

Even though the Siberian Husky may not rank high in intelligence like the GSD, your Gerberian Shepsky should come with an above-average intelligence to counter the Husky’s self-will and reflect the German Shepherd’s alertness in training.

All in all, a German Shepherd Husky mix is a good dog.

If your German Shepherd Husky mix takes after its German Shepherd parent, a bit of aloofness towards strangers will characterize the puppy. The Husky’s friendliness may tone down this aloofness a good bit. 

You might also have to prune out an inherited prey drive from your Gerberian Shepsky, as both parents still have their hunting instinct intact.

If you’re contemplating getting this crossbreed and you’ve never owned a dog before, here are nine tips for a first-time German Shepherd Husky Mix owner.

5. Shug

Instagram: @cbakergusman

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Pug mix

The charming and mischievous nature of the Pug, combined with the friendliness and playfulness of the German Shepherd, makes the Shug a good family dog, especially regarding children.

Expect the Shug to be a little larger than your usual 10”-13” (25.4 – 33.02 cm) Pug. The “multum in parvo” Pug motto won’t apply anymore since the large size of the German Shepherd will show in a leaner and taller Shug. 

The Pug is a brachycephalic breed, and its flat face comes with a few breathing and health issues. As such, the changed body size and shape of the Shug will be good in countering some of the Pug’s health problems. 

Consider, though, that the Pug has a 13-15 years life expectancy, which could pull up the German Shepherd’s 7-10 years of life to give the Shug an average life expectancy of around 10-12 years or more.

6. Shepadoodle 

Instagram: @walter_white_the_shepadoodle

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Poodle mix

Breeding the second and third most intelligent dog breeds creates a genius, highly-trainable hybrid dog. With the Poodle’s active nature and the German Shepherd’s energy, you can challenge the Shepadoodle to any training task, and they’ll excel.

Depending on whether you breed the German Shepherd with a standard, miniature, or toy poodle, your Shepadoodle will be a medium to a large dog or a miniature Shepadoodle.

The coat may come with the longer Poodle hair or the shorter German Shepherd coat, with possibly longer hair sections. 

The colors, too, will be as varied as those of the parent breeds. The Poodle’s hypoallergenic, low-shedding coat will likely tone down the German Shepherd’s heavy shedding coat.

Both the German Shepherd and the Poodle have a protective and loyal nature, so you can expect a good watchdog in your Shepadoodle.

7. Chow Shepherd 

Chow Shepherd
Instagram: @buddha_chowshepherd

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Chow Chow mix

The German Shepherd and Chow mix is a lovely dog with the Chow’s compact body and its rough or smooth coat. The German Shepherd’s wolf-like facial features tend to predominate over the shorter muzzle of the Chow.

Your Chow Shepherd inherits a dose of aloofness from both parents, making it somewhat unfriendly to strangers. 

Training a Chow Shepherd has the advantage of the GSD’s intelligence. But the Chow Chow is a stubborn and serious-minded dog and can send a bit of these traits with your Chow Shepherd.

You’ll, therefore, require some patience and persistence in positive reward-based training.

Both breeds are loyal and affectionate with family. So, expect your Chow Shepherd to be a good family dog.

8. Shepweiler/Rottweiler Shepherd 

Instagram: @sierraandscarlettmewes

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Rottweiler mix

Breeding the robust and muscular Rottweiler Shepherd with the larger German Shepherd brings forth a large Shepweiler with the majesty of both parent breeds.

The Shepweiler is a good guard dog, taking after both parents. Though they have the confidence and courage of the GSD and the Rottweilers, the Rottweiler Shepherd is a calm dog, often enjoying a cuddle on your lap like its Rottie parent. 

Your Rottweiler Shepherd has the playfulness characteristic of the parent breeds.

You can expect the Shepweiler to be as intelligent as its parents, which makes training easier. You might, however, have to deal with a bit of Rottweiler’s territorial instinct, which is best tackled with consistent positive reward-based training. 

9. Shepkita

Instagram: @thor_the_shepkita

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Akita mix

What do you expect from mating the two breeds that have produced celebrity dogs: Rin Tin Tin and Hachiko? A large, broad-head dog with erect ears and a dense coat inherited from the German Shepherd and the Akita.

The German Shepherd Akita mix combines Japan’s official dog and German’s Deutscher Schäferhund. Both the Akita and the German Shepherd are alert and wary of strangers, and these characteristics are also reflected in the Shepkita. 

But Shepkitas are friendly and thrive well with the family. They’re loyal and protective of family, just like their parents. 

10. Alaskan Shepherd 

Alaskan Shepherd
Instagram: @nymeria_the_alaskanshep

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Alaskan Malamute mix

If you’re looking for a hybrid dog that’s affectionate and great with kids, the Alaskan Shepherd is a good catch. The Alaskan Shepherd is a hybrid of the German Shepherd and the Alaskan Malamute. 

You get a large dog with signature erect ears from both parents. 

The Alaskan Shepherd will require a bit of your time daily for exercise. As the puppy of two high-energy parents, a working and a herding dog, the Alaskan Shepherd is quite active.

From its pleasant temperament, you’ll enjoy the Alaskan Shepherd’s gentle, affectionate, and loyal nature, just as you would a dog of the parent breed.

11. Beagle Shepherd 

Beagle Shepherd
Instagram: @_mylifeasjuniper

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Beagle mix

A Beagle Shepherd comes with the merry nature of the Beagle and the loyalty and protectiveness of both parents.

Just like its parents, you’ll find the Beagle Shepherd lovable and loving, making it a perfect family dog that’s also good with children.

You’ll need to spare some time daily to exercise your active Beagle Shepherd and meet the energy level of a herding dog and a hound dog combined. 

Also, just like the hunting Beagle and the herding GSD, your Beagle Shepherd will always be alert.

Training a Beagle Shepherd will require plenty of patience if your puppy takes after its Beagle parent. But the German Shepherd’s high intelligence should make things easier, as long as you use positive reinforcement.

12. Saint Shepherd

Saint Shepherd
Instagram: @multipurpose.mutts

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Saint Bernard mix

The Saint Shepherd is a hybrid dog for anyone looking to own a large dog.

Considering the German Shepherd’s maximum average weight of 90 lbs (40.82 kg) and Saint Bernard’s maximum average of 180 lbs (81.65 kg), you can expect your dog to be anywhere between the two figures.

But don’t be intimidated by the size. 

Your Saint Shepherd comes from two playful and lovable breeds, which makes it a good family dog. The parent breeds are also good with children, and your Saint Shepherd takes after them.

Expect your Saint Shepherd to have more of the German Shepherd’s long muzzle than Saint Bernard’s short muzzle. Taking from its parents, your Saint Shepherd will make a good guard dog, even though reserved around strangers.

13. German Australian Shepherd 

German Australian Shepherd
Instagram: @aleka.thegermanaussie

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Australian Shepherd mix

The German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd mix is a perfect choice for anyone looking for hybrid herding qualities. The two herding dogs have a lot in common:

  • An alert eye and ear.
  • The agility of stock-moving dogs.
  • A strong work drive.
  • Remarkable intelligence and high trainability.

These traits are bound to reflect in your German Australian Shepherd.

Don’t go for a German Australian Shepherd if you love the couch. This crossbreed will require plenty of exercise, considering its high-energy parents.

As a pet, your German Australian Shepherd mix will be good with children, taking after its parents. But don’t expect your pet to be all lovey-dovey if he takes after the serious worker that’s the Australian Shepherd.

14. Corman Shepherd 

Corman Shepherd
Instagram: @rocky_the_corman_shepherd

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Corgi mix

The Corman Shepherd comes from mixing a large herding dog and a short herding dog. Despite its short legs, the Corgi is quick and agile.

Combine that agility with that of the German Shepherd, and you have a high-energy dog in the Corman Shepherd.

Your Corman Shepherd will make a good watchdog with the Corgi’s big bark and the protective nature of both parent breeds.

Expect lots of affection from your Corman Shepherd, but ensure you supervise your pet around children, as the Corgi isn’t as friendly with children as the GSD. 

Your Corman Shepherd will be a healthy dog since the German Shepherd is a relatively healthy breed, and the Corgis are in the top ten among the healthiest dog breeds.

15. Doberman Shepherd 

Doberman Shepherd
Instagram: @dobermanshepherd

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Doberman mix

The Doberman is a perfect answer to the question, what’s the best breed to mix with a German Shepherd? This is because breeding two large alert dogs will make a large alert hybrid dog. 

Considering the size of its parent dogs, your Doberman Shepherd will be around 90-100 lbs (40.82-45.36 kg) in weight and 26”- 28” (66.04-71.12 cm) in height. These hybrid dogs have the courage and fearlessness of their parent breeds. 

They’re also loyal and affectionate family dogs, good with children just like the Doberman and the German Shepherd.

And it gets better with training. Since the GSD and the Doberman Pinscher rank 3rd and 5th in intelligence, you can expect your Doberman Shepherd to learn new commands quickly and obey them the first time you address your dog.

16. Boxer Shepherd 

Boxer Shepherd
Instagram: @nalainthenorth

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Boxer mix

The German Shepherd Boxer mix is a large dog with an average weight of around 60-80 lbs, taken from its parent breeds. 

Like the Boxer and the GSD, Boxer Shepherds are courageous and alert but still maintain a playful and upbeat spirit around their family, especially children. They’re loyal and good at watchdog and protection roles.

Your Boxer Shepherd will most likely combine the Boxer’s fawn and brindle colors with the varied coat color of the German Shepherd.

17. Dane Shepherd

Dane Shepherd
Instagram: @daneshepherd_brothers

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Great Dane mix

Combining the German Shepherd with the Apollo of Dogs, the Great Dane will give you a dog next to which its GSD parent appears miniature. The Dane Shepherd will be affectionate with their family, just like the parent dogs. 

However, this dog isn’t highly recommended for families with young children because of its robust size.

You can expect your Dane Shepherd to show the friendly and loyal traits of its parents. If you want a guard dog, seeing the Dane Shepherd’s giant size will work in your favor against intruders.

18. Mastiff Shepherd 

Mastiff Shepherd
Instagram: @vicki_nicki_

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Mastiff mix

The Mastiff is a massive dog, listed among the largest dog breeds, always weighing above 100 lbs (45.36 kg) and going up to 230 lbs (104.34 kg) for male dogs.

Breeding this with a 90 lb (40.82 kg) German Shepherd will give you another robust dog.

But their large size won’t make the Mastiff Shepherd less of a good family dog. Mastiff Shepherds are good-natured and affectionate with family and children, just like their parents.

The Mastiff and GSD are courageous dogs, and you can expect the Mastiff Shepherd to be a good watchdog.

Even though the Mastiff is among the lowest-ranked in the list of the intelligence of dogs, your Mastiff Shepherd will take after its GSD parent and learn well with gentle, positive training. 

19. German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix

German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix
Instagram: @milliethepups

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Great Pyrenees mix

A mix between a German Shepherd and a Great Pyrenees, commonly called a Germanees or Shepnees, is a large dog that makes for an excellent watchful pup.

Both breeds are herding dogs, with the Great Pyrenees having their roots from the French side of the Pyrenees Mountains.

The Germanees make a loyal and loving family dog. Despite their large size and lion-like looks, they are, in fact, gentle giants. They can weigh up to 120 pounds (54.43 kg) and grow up to 32 inches tall.

Do you want to know more about this crossbreed? Check out this article, German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix (Size, Traits, & Care).

Due to both parents having strong working drives, you’ll need to provide a German Shepherd Great Pyrenees with plenty of mental and physical stimulation. So, if you don’t like long walks and playtimes, this breed is not a good choice for you.

They are easy to train and are great with kids of all ages, but they will shed a lot.

20. King Shepherd

King Shepherd
Instagram: @lobo_the_king_shepherd

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Alaskan Malamute and/or Great Pyrenees and/or Akita

Although the King Shepherd combines several possible breeds with the German Shepherd, I thought they deserved a place here. They are often crossed with the Alaskan Malamute and/or Great Pyrenees and/or Akita. 

Consequently, a King Shepherd is larger than a German Shepherd yet retains a similar appearance but with a calmer temperament.

The dog’s dense coat can be straight and coarse or long and less straight, depending on the non-German Shepherd parent.

King Shepherds can grow up to 31 inches tall. The females are between 25 – 27 inches, while the males are 27 – 31 inches. In terms of weight, the females will weigh up to 110 lbs (49.89 kg), with the males weighing up to 150 lbs (68.03kg).

I have a soft spot for them due to their similar appearance to the German Shepherd, so I wrote an entire article all about the King Shepherd.

If you choose this breed, ensure you have sufficient living space, as they don’t do well in apartments. King Shepherds are excellent family dogs as they are gentle and affectionate, yet strong and protective, and on appearance alone, will scare any intruder away.

21. Wolf Shepherd

Wolf Shepherd
Instagram: @saarlooswolfdognorway

ParentsGerman Shepherd x Wolf

The Wolf Shepherd is a wolfdog hybrid. Although it’s not among the best German Shepherd crossbreeds I’d recommend for family pets, people with experience in handling wolfdogs can enjoy the companionship of a German Shepherd Wolf mix. 

Your Wolf Shepherd will be a medium to large dog with a thick double coat, just like its parents. I find wolves fascinating, like many people, so I wrote this article all about the German Shepherd Wolf Mix.

The GSD Wolf mix will adorn a beautiful coat from a blend of the German Shepherd’s varied coat colors and the wolf’s typical gray and brown coat.

However, the Wolf Shepherd’s temperament may be a challenge if training doesn’t entirely tame the wolf’s wild character, especially during the puberty years.

If you decide to own a Wolf Shepherd, check the legality of owning a wolfdog with your local and state authorities.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

Curious lovers of crossbreeds will often ask the question: 

What are German Shepherds mixed with? 

While there’s a wild selection of breeds that can be bred with the German Shepherd, some breeds will give you the best German Shepherd mixes:

  • Crossbreeding the German Shepherd with equally intelligent dogs.
  • Crossbreeding the German Shepherd with equally popular breeds.
  • Breeding the German Shepherd with breeds that have good qualities for family dogs.

Whichever of the options is considered, the underlying motive is that breeding a German Shepherd with another breed brings forth the best qualities of the parent breeds in the crossbreed.

But if you’re still on the fence between choosing a purebred or a mix, check out this article, Purebred German Shepherd vs. Mix (Which Is Better?)

Sharon Waddington
Sharon Waddington is the founder of World of Dogz. With over 30 years of experience working with dogs, this former Police Officer has seen it all. But it’s her trusty German Shepherd, Willow, who steals the show as the inspiration behind this website. As Sharon’s constant companion Willow has played a pivotal role in shaping her passion for dogs. Recently, Sharon has become deeply passionate about the plight of rescue dogs and is an active advocate for dog rescue, striving to make a difference in the lives of dogs in need.

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  1. I had a 1/2 German Shepherd, 1/2 wolf raised out of a litter of puppies.
    I recently lost a 15y/o one I raised. Several yrs. ago, I raised them but I forgot to keep one of the puppies. Now I would like another young one
    for protection.

    • I’m so sorry about your loss. To get your dog to 15 years old is amazing. They are truly awesome and so many beautiful colors – I hope you find your new best friend soon.


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