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Beagle Pros and Cons: 14 Things To Consider Before Buying

Last Updated: December 16, 2023

Beagles are known for their strong sense of smell and giant floppy ears, but there’s much more to learn about these friendly dogs. If you’re thinking of adopting one, you’re probably wondering what the main Beagle pros and cons are.

Regarding the pros, Beagles are extremely playful, family-friendly, and great with other animals, including cats and dogs. They also have a cute, unique appearance and are low maintenance. On the downside, Beagles can be stubborn, shed a lot, and get too attached.

Knowing the main Beagle’s pros and cons can help you decide whether or not this breed is the right choice. Get comfortable, and keep reading this guide to learn more.

Beagle Pros and Cons
Beagle Pros and Cons

What are the Pros and Cons of Beagles?

Beagles are a favorite breed for many due to their friendly nature. While Beagles are playful and suitable for apartments, they come up with a range of pros and cons that every aspiring Beagle owner should know.

Beagles ProsBeagle Cons
Beagles are playful and easy-goingBeagles have a strong sense of smell
Beagles are family friendlyBeagles have digging tendencies
Beagles are great with other dogsThey are extremely stubborn at times
Beagles are mostly healthyThey shed a lot during the spring and fall
Beagles are cute and have a unique appearanceBeagles need lots of exercise
They are low maintenance dogsBeagles are loud when bored
Beagles are happy to live anywhereThey have velcro tendencies
Beagle Pros and Cons

Overwhelmed by their pros? Take a look at this detailed guide and make a decision you will never regret later.

Beagle Pros

There’s no question that Beagles have plenty of amazing qualities, which is why they are popular among many dog owners worldwide. They’re playful, friendly, and always want to be near you. And they can be a great addition to your family.

So, let’s dive into the main Beagle pros below.

Beagles Are Playful and Easy-Going

One of the first things you’ll notice about Beagles is how playful and easy-going they are. Thankfully, these friendly pooches are happy to cuddle and play with just about anyone

Whether alone or having guests, your excitable Beagle will surely be thrilled with the company. As a result of their playful nature, Beagles enjoy going on adventures with their owners and always being around humans or other animals.

While some breeds are more prone to aggression and aloofness, the Beagle is welcoming, always looking for rubs, attention, and playtime.

They’re Family-Friendly

According to the American Kennel Club, Beagles are some of the most family-friendly dogs because of their friendly nature and small-medium size. Since they’re not prone to aggression, these dogs are generally safe to keep around young children

Still, you should always supervise your kids around any dog.

As well as their lack of aggression, Beagles are smaller, making them less likely to injure a child accidentally. Bigger dogs, like the Cane Corso, are more prone to pushing or standing on young children due to their strength and extra body weight, which can be dangerous.

Like young kids, Beagles are highly active and can run around and play with children for hours. Not only does this keep your pooch entertained and active, but it also keeps the kids occupied.

If you’re looking for an ideal family-friendly pet, a Beagle should be at the top of your list of possible dog breeds.

Here’s a cute compilation of Beagles with families (including kids). Take a look!

Beagles Are Great With Other Dogs

Some dogs might not get along very well with other animals, but Beagles are generally happy to play with all kinds of dogs and, sometimes, cats. So, if you already have a dog and are worried that a Beagle will have trouble fitting in or might get jealous, it’s unlikely to cause issues.

You’ll also find that Beagles enjoy going up to other dogs in the park while on walks, usually because they want to say hello and make new friends.

They’re excellent at sniffing around for other dogs and may try to follow their scents, which is no surprise when you realize that Beagles have 225 million olfactory receptors, many times more than humans.

So, if having a playful dog with other animals is important to you, a Beagle should be a top choice.

Beagles Are Mostly Healthy

Beagles are generally healthy and have life spans between 13 and 15 years. Since many other purebreds have shorter life spans than this, owning a Beagle is a huge benefit.

Still, they can face possible health issues, especially as they age. For example, epilepsy and obesity can affect some Beagles. There’s also no way to know how long each dog will live. 

So even though the average lifespan of a Beagle is 13-15 years, it’s not always the case.

Considering many other purebreds have highly common issues like hip dysplasia, bloat, and back problems, Beagles are relatively healthy, especially if taken care of and given enough exercise.

They Are Cute and Have a Unique Appearance

Beagles are synonymous with floppy ears and bright eyes. These cute features are what attract many people toward this unique breed. It’s easy to fall in love with them when their cute paws rub against your leg or when they give you their puppy dog eyes to get what they want.

Beagles are excellent companions in your home if you don’t allow their adorable faces to guilt you into doing whatever they want.

Cute Beagle
Cute Beagle

They’re Low Maintenance

Having a high-maintenance dog is time-consuming and expensive, so it’s not for everyone. Thankfully, Beagles are relatively low maintenance because they only need a quick brush a few times weekly.

Since their coat is short, there’s no need to take them to a groomer every few weeks or have them professionally washed. Once you keep their nails trimmed and coat brushed, a Beagle will be healthy and happy.

Additionally, they don’t need to be washed too often, as that will strip away their coat’s natural oils and may cause dryness. Only wash your Beagle when it’s dirty or once every few months.

They’re Happy To Live Anywhere

Beagles are not picky about where they live, so whether you’re in a tiny apartment or a large country house, they will always be comfortable. 

In many cases, Beagles like to lie near their family members, so everything should be fine once you have a comfy rug or couch for them to relax on. Although apartments are appropriate for Beagles, they must go for toilet breaks occasionally. 

They’ll also need daily walks to expel energy and burn calories. A backyard is a big plus for a Beagle owner but not entirely necessary once you regularly bring them to the park.

Beagle Cons

Beagles are great little companions and are friendly and healthy. But before considering adopting one in your family, you may need to consider the cons of having a Beagle.

Beagles Have a Strong Sense of Smell

Since Beagles are members of the scent hound family, their lives revolve around smells. While this is a handy trait in the wild, where survival is paramount, it can become bothersome for domesticated dogs.

You will quickly notice that a Beagle follows smells over everything else, which is its number one priority. 

For example, you might notice a Beagle will quickly run away in the park if it smells something across the way. Since they’re prone to darting away on walks to follow scents, most prefer keeping their Beagles on the leash.

Their strong sense of smell also means they will do everything possible to escape your backyard to follow different things, so you must have a fully enclosed space.

Beagle smelling grass
Beagle smelling grass

Beagles also tend to walk slowly because they like to stop every few seconds to sniff each piece of grass. As you can imagine, this isn’t good if you want to bring your pooch on a run or for a brisk walk, as you’ll waste a lot of time stopping. 

So, a Beagle is not the best choice if you’re a highly active person who likes to bring your pooch for runs. You should also expect a Beagle to beg when it smells a hint of food in the kitchen.

They Have Digging Tendencies

Due to their instincts, Beagles like to dig a lot. Be prepared for your backyard to be covered in holes, especially during the first few months of your Beagle’s life. The best way to combat these digging tendencies is to occupy your pooch with other things, like walks and toys.

Going out for walks will tire your floppy-eared friend out quickly, so it won’t have the energy to dig holes anymore. Remember that digging is in their nature, so you shouldn’t give harsh punishments.

Although digging is generally an instinct for Beagles, it is sometimes a result of boredom. Make sure your Beagle always has activities to do to prevent boredom because it can eventually lead to further destruction.

Beagles Are Extremely Stubborn at Times

Any Beagle owner will tell you they are highly stubborn and often selfish. For example, Beagles usually only listen to your commands if it benefits them. They’re more likely to obey your commands if a tasty treat is involved.

Another thing you may notice is that you’re petting them one minute, and the next, they walk away and have no interest anymore, possibly because they can smell something and want to investigate.

Their stubborn ways also make it slightly challenging to train a Beagle. Consistency is key in training, and always use reward-based methods to ensure your pooch learns.

You can do little to completely “fix” a Beagle’s stubborn nature. Therefore, a Beagle isn’t the best choice if you want a highly obedient pooch who always listens to your orders and commands, even if distractions exist.

Beagles Shed a Lot During the Spring and Fall

For many, shedding isn’t a problem, but it’s a dealbreaker for others. If you cannot stand the idea of dog hair getting everywhere, a Beagle is not the right choice because they tend to shed a lot during spring and fall.

It can become an issue if you like your dogs to sit on the couch with you or lie in bed, as the hairs quickly get everywhere, requiring frequent cleaning. Brushing a Beagle’s coat regularly can reduce the shedding, but it won’t make a huge difference.

Another option is to cover furniture your pooch frequents, like the couch, so the furniture doesn’t get hairy.

The type of diet you feed your Beagle may also ease shedding. Feed a high-quality protein with a good ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Beagle ready for grooming
Beagle ready for grooming

Beagles Need a Lot Of Exercise

According to a study, obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in small dogs, including Beagles.

Since they love to eat, it’s easy for Beagles to overeat. You might notice that your Beagle will beg for more food even after a large meal. It’s easy to give in to those puppy dog eyes, but giving in too frequently can cause weight gain, especially if your pooch isn’t highly active.

To combat this issue, take your Beagle on frequent walks to burn calories

Not only will it keep them healthy, but it’s also excellent for their mental well-being. A healthy Beagle will need approximately 1 to 1.5 hours of exercise every day. A Beagle is not the best choice if you can’t commit at least one hour to your dog daily.

They’re Loud When Bored

Beagles are known for being quite loud, especially if bored. They also make noises if they smell things but can’t get to them, so be prepared for a lot of barking and howling.

Since they can sometimes be louder than other breeds, you should ensure your house or apartment has decent soundproofing. The last thing you want is for the neighbors to complain about your mischievous Beagle.

You should avoid a Beagle if a highly vocal dog does not attract you. However, many people can tame the barking by keeping their dogs occupied and going on walks.

They Have “Velcro” Tendencies

Beagles are sometimes called velcro dogs because they can be highly clingy, especially if you rarely leave them alone. I, for one, can relate to this being the owner of a German Shepherd who even follows me to the bathroom!

In many cases, they will always follow their owners around the house to be close to them. These velcro tendencies can lead to separation anxiety and upset whenever you leave the home without your pooch. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t like the idea of a dog following you around all day, a Beagle will not be an ideal choice.

Final Thoughts

There are many Beagle pros and cons, and after reading this article, you should better understand them. Besides, Beagles are easy-going, family-friendly, and great with other dogs. On the downside, they have a strong sense of smell, which can cause them to run away or ignore commands.

Be sure to compare all the advantages and drawbacks to decide whether or not a Beagle is the right choice for you.

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